The new home of “Bucks Diary”

For the time being, this blog will be the new home of what was formerly Bucks Diary (its unclear whether I have the rights to that name anymore).  I know I said I was moving to Bloguin, but I changed my mind.

Basically, I looked over their blogroll, and I got the impression they didn’t really understand what it is I do, and I didn’t understand what it is they wanted.  I think they envisioned Bucks Diary being something more like a traditional fan site like BrewHoop, which it is not and never has been, and I don’t have the time or inclination to ever make it.  This is an analytical blog, or its nothing.  My writing has always been meant to be complimentary to BrewHoop and Bucksketball and the others… the “why” to their “what”.  (Alot of people think Bucks Diary was inspired by The Wages of Wins.  In fact the original inspiration was Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel‘s Bob McGinn’s “Rating the Packers“, his Tuesday column where he breaks down each Packer’s performance and attempts to assign credit or blame for the outcome of each Packer game.  I love that kind of “why” writing and I always felt like nothing of the sort existed for the Milwaukee Bucks.)

Anyway, the long and short of it is I had to quickly create this blog as a temporary dumping ground for my work.

I will be posting about the Bucks here and I will also be a contributing writer at two other sites, which I will get into in the next week.  I will also post about the National Basketball Association, with a separate category devoted specifically to the Bucks.


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