Brandon Jennings since his Double Nickel

I just did a chart showing the production of Milwaukee Bucks PG Brandon Jennings and his opposition PGs since his now-legendary “Double Nickel”.  (Click Here to see that chart)

He’s actually played about exactly where I expected him to play coming into the season (I think my Player Win Average estimate for him was something closer to .348%, but close enough).  And I have no qualms with any part of his game except his shooting efficiency, which has been just bad.  In fact, if you simply assumed he had a zero  scoring efficiency (he was producing one point for every FGA + .5FTA used), which in itself is less than the average point guard produced last season (+0.9 per scoring possession used), then he would have a positive Marginal Win Score (oddly, the one other area where he is below average is steals… something it seemed like based on this summer he would excel at).

I still think the Bucks are too Jennings dependent however.  Here’s an “ESPNy” stat for you that I discovered doing that chart above.  In games in which Brandon Jennings has shot at least 44.0% from the field, the Bucks are 6-0.  In games in which he has shot below that mark, they are, obviously, 5-14.   Too much dependence on a rookie point guard.

Oh, one more thing.  Even though Jennings is shooting miserably overall, he’s actually a very good free throw shooter and a slightly above average 3 point shooter.  He simply cannot make two point shots!  I think that’s an issue of physical maturity.  If you compare him to even slender point guards like Tony Parker, the difference is astonishing.  But that will change.  Its just that the Bucks will be paying the freight until it does.


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3 Responses to “Brandon Jennings since his Double Nickel”

  1. Josh Dhani Says:

    Hey man, keep up with the solid work. Loved your stuff at Bucks Diary. Nice blog!

    • tywill33 Says:

      You just won yourself a link, my friend! Flattery will get you everywhere! (Ahhh, I’m not promising the link is worth that much, but its the thought, right?)

  2. Jerry Bridgman Says:

    Against Sacramento, Jennings was bad from 2-point (3 for 9), but , I thought, pretty good over all: 15 pts on 14 “shots”, only 1 TO, 9 assists, etc.

    Curious: How would you rate Brandon’s performance versus Tyreke Evans’ performance?

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