Come on now! Another Bucks heartbreaker

My posts are ALWAYS exquisitely timed.  I just finished one saying the Bucks were an above average home team, then they take a complete shit against a poor road team (the Sacramento Kings) that just lost last night to the TWolves.

The post before that is one that argued that Derrick Rose was holding the Bulls back, and then he helps them upend the Hawks at home.

Of course, neither event invalidates anything in the posts themselves.  Increasingly, anything can happen in the NBA on any given night.

The running tally of “Strong team beats Weaker team” outcomes that I mentioned in this morning’s post will, after Phoenix finishes off Washington, stand at only 36 wins in 52 games for the “stronger” team (the team lists as having the higher Win Probability).

That stands at 69% and holding strong.  And a lot of these Win Probability estimates in the “unexpected” outcome games were not really close.  That means nearly one out of three NBA games is an upset.

But the Bucks are now officially the “Unlucky Bucks”.  You just can’t lose this  many one to three point games.  Again, though.  Things can change.


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