Bucks fans, you want unlucky?

The Bucks have now lost, help me with my count, at least three games on shots in the last second, all at home.  That’s unlucky.

But somehow today’s Packer game stands on its own when it comes to unlucky.  Check out the running Win Probability graph on AdvancedNFLStats.  If you put your cursor on the apex of the Packer’s probability of winning, you will see that the Packers chances were 97.7% at the 1:21 mark of the fourth quarter.  In fact, up until the very last moment, the likelihood of the Steelers winning was pretty remote.  That game was the definition of defeat from the jaws of victory.  The Steelers got extremely lucky, and the Packers were struck by bad luck (and their usual slew of penalties).

Somehow those losses hurt the worst.  They shouldn’t, but they do (but that Kobe fiasco still burns me more).

One Response to “Bucks fans, you want unlucky?”

  1. Blake Says:

    Don’t even remind of that game today, I just wanna forget about it. I don’t think I’ve ever cussed that much from a single play. lol

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