Bucks right where I predicted at Xmas

With the Bucks luck win tonight in Indiana, the team is now 12-14 with one more game to go before Christmas against the Washington Wizards.  I recall going through the Bucks schedule before the season, and manually counting wins and losses and coming up with a 13-14 record before Christmas, but I wasn’t going to make that claim unless I documented it on Bucks Diary.

I couldn’t remember if I did document it or whether I just said it to myself, but I was pretty sure I remembered writing it somewhere, so I first did a google search, “Bucks Diary” “13-14” “Christmas”.  No dice.  Then I just spent the last frickin half hour going through two months worth of Bucks Diary posts (“zzzz…”), but it paid off.  Here it is (its in the footnote at the end).  Now it is one seeeeemingly easy win away from coming true.  I defy you to find anyone else who had the same documented prediction, or anything close.

Also please notice in that article I had the Bucks slated as a 38.7 win team, at a time when everyone in the national media, from ESPN’s “Panel of Experts” to the annual Sports Illustrated preview issue, had them dead last in the Eastern Conference (since the actual last place team in the East is headed for a 14 to 16 win season, I would say they were effectively calling the Bucks nothing more than a 21 to 24 win team — I specifically remember Foxsports.com’s Charley Rosen predicting the Bucks would “lead the league in blowout losses”.  Not even remotely close. Ironically though, the Bucks have to lead the league in close losses.)  Anyway, how accurate has that analysis been?  Pretty damn.  Though they have not yet counted tonight’s win, Coolstandings.com currently has the Bucks projected to win 38.2 games.  Again, who was right and who was wrong?  (update: Coolstandings just reprojected the Bucks at 39.2 wins… so they jumped me).

By the by, I also had the Packers going 10-6 (I only have verbal witnesses to that).  In both the case of the Bucks and the Packers I was NOT exactly correct in which games would be wins and losses (I’m sure I had the Kings game as a win, and the Denver game as a loss, and probably the OKC game as a win, so there’s another incorrect loss in there somewhere).  But that only shows how things even out in sports, and how teams will usually find their level.

Now, I only toot my own horn in this instance because: (a) I put in a lot of work to try to figure the caliber the Bucks would play at and no one ever mentions it, and; (b) my hump has taken some serious bustings in the past for being wrong (see, Jennings draft pick).

So I’m just evening things out.  Merry Christmas Bucks fans 🙂

Footnote:  I was pretty much wrong with my prediction about the “Surprising Bucks” articles we would see.  They were pretty much eclipsed by “How about that Jennings kid” articles.


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