Bucks-Pacers: That was comical

I told you the luck would swing.  I just didn’t think it would swing so drastically.  How can you miss seven free throws down the stretch, in a tight game, and win??? That’s kind of like committing five defensive penalties and dropping two sure interceptions when the opposing team is trying to drive the length of the field on you.  It tends to lead to losses.

At the beginning of the season I said the Bucks would not be a 24 win team, they would be more like 37-41 wins, and I said that was because of defense.  I never imagined this though.  Defense is ALL that separates the Bucks from utter junk. UTTER JUNK. But hey, its half the game.  No one said you couldn’t rely on it.

You know what I just thought of?  The Bucks are like Homer Simpson in the episode where he did hundreds of curls with only one arm, so that arm turned mega-buff while his other one remained a noodle.  That’s the Bucks defense compared to their offense.

Oh, quick last thought.  Is Indiana C Roy Hibbert a joke or what?  If you’re an opposing center, you can do ANYTHING you want.  Its like playing in the driveway against your grandpa with him holding up a tennis racket.  As long as you don’t hit the racket, or if you just move a little, he’s helpless.  And did he box Bogut out once?  No… did he EVER make an ATTEMPT to box Bogut out?  Watch the highlights or the replay.  He was often standing well away from Bogut when the shot went up, and he almost never made any attempt to find him, as you are taught to do I think in Pee-Wee basketball.

I see on Hibbert’s “Production Page” on 82games.com that he allows opposition centers an astounding 17.0+ rebounds per 48 minutes.  I totally see why.

2 Responses to “Bucks-Pacers: That was comical”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    those missed frees were givin me a heart attack…fortunately, TJ’s jumper might actually be worse than it was when he was with us. This one, I’ll be blunt, the Bucks won this one by accident…eh well, a win’s a win.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Giving you a heart attack???!!!! If at the end of any of the last 4 Wisconsin related sporting events I’ve watched I had something solid in my hand, something would have gotten ruined!! (I swear to God I get Tourette’s Syndrome during sporting events). And you’re right about TJ. He has earned his card in the Masonery Union.

      For all the frustration it gives, sports will always redeem itself. If you switched over to Monday Night Football right after the Bucks, the Redskins tried one of the most unintentionally hilarious awful trick plays in modern sports history. I couldn’t stop watching the replays… and then Favre throwing Childress under the bus… too good!! Too Good!

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