Bucks-Spurs: Be the ship sinkin in Milwaukee?

I’m not even waiting till the end of the game to post this. (actually, the game ended early in the first quarter).  Something is drastically wrong with the Milwaukee Bucks.

For the second game in a row we’ve been given a vision of what the Bucks would look like if they played Krystkowiak Era defense:  horrifyingly bad.

The only statistic you need to look at to know there is something amiss in Milwaukee is this one.  The San Antonio Spurs have 31 assists on 46 made baskets.  The Bucks under Skiles never give up 31 assists to anyone.  That’s just non-defense right there.

I’m now going to ask what’s probably an irrational, panicky overreaction of a  question, but here it is:  Has Scott Skiles message already worn thin?  Have the players in Milwaukee already tuned him out?

Two straight blowout losses at home.  It may be time for some drastic measures in BucksLand.

I am anticipating Coach Skiles postgame comments like never before.  This is awful.

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3 Responses to “Bucks-Spurs: Be the ship sinkin in Milwaukee?”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    I sorta got the feeling that the Spurs could’ve tried some blindfolded Harlem Globetrotter shots and STILL made em. I’d like to say it was just one of those nights, and it may well have been…I’d just like to see less of em. Fiugures, the Bucks start getting to the line more often and then have trouble with 2’s (moreso than before, at least).

    • tywill33 Says:

      Was that frickin depressing or what? Maybe the Bucks aren’t the team I thought they were. That was a 25 point beatdown, the Spurs were just nice enough to let it get a little closer. You just can’t lose like that at home.

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