Bogut in Wins and Losses

Another game, another loss.  This loss, believe it or not, was not nearly as shameful as the preceding two losses.  Charlotte is an excellent defensive team, and an excellent home team.

That said, the Bucks need wins badly.  Since their 8-3 start, the Bucks are now on an 18 game stretch in which they have gone a dreadful 4-14.  Sure there were some nice losing efforts in there, but that’s a loser’s lament.  Sooner or later you need to put “W’s” up on the board.

But remember how quickly things can change.  It wasn’t long ago the Packers were 4-4 and looking headed nowhere.  Everyone and my brother wanted Mike McCarthy fired (On the way to the Badgers-Michigan game he was doing an awesome imitation of McCarthy that had me nearly wetting my pants.  Essentially, he kept repeating “We’re gonna have to look at the film and get that cleaned up” in McCarthy’s gruff Western PA accent).

One thing that might help turn the tide is better shooting from Bogut.  For some reason he’s been highly inconsistent from the field.  This is out of character for him, and its killing the Bucks.

Prompted by Blake’s comments, I checked his numbers in Wins and in Losses.  Now remember, I would venture to say every player has better numbers in wins that losses, but Bogut’s gulf seems particularly immense.

His Win Score per 48 in Games the Bucks Win is 17.81.  Very good.  His WS48 in Games the Bucks Lose is 8.11.  Wimpy, wimpy.

His numbers in games lost are down across the board, but the most drastic decline is clearly his field goal accuracy.  In Games the Bucks Win he is shooting 59.3% from the field.  In Games the Bucks Lose he is shooting 41.1% from the field.  Bill Russell thinks that’s bad shooting.  Generic 1950s center from a bad NBA team thinks he can do better than 41.1%.

Are Bogut’s recent injuries to blame?  I have no idea.  My guess is the injuries play some role, but that’s just excuse making.  Why is he able to make shots in some of the games and not all?

The bottom line is Bogut needs to step his game up.  He’s supposed to be one of the team’s best players.  Good players are consistent players.  Bogut used to be a consistent player, and the Bucks desperately need him to be that player again.

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