Seattle, here the Bucks come?

These are depressing days in BucksNation.  Not only is the team drastically underperforming, the gate receipts numbers are downright ugly.

I was reading my new buddy Bill Simmons’ post about how he expects this to be an especially active trading season due to the economic constraints being placed on many clubs.  Within that post he lists the Bucks as one of eight teams in the Association who make less than $500,000 in gate receipts per game.

The news gets worse.  Simmons links to an original source post written by Ken Berger in which Berger reports that while the NBA gate receipts overall are down 7.9% this season, the Bucks gate receipts specifically are down a whopping 23.2%.

Moreover, Berger lists the Bucks among the bottom five in the NBA in paid attendance at — and this number shocked me — a 1960s level of 8,331 down from 11,365 last season.  Wow.  That’s about all I can write about that.

Fruits of a piss poor decade, I’m sure, but still, with the supposed excitement brought by Jennings arrival, those numbers suck.  And given that the Bucks roster is somewhere near the salary cap limit, the franchise has to be absolutely bleeding money.

The dark question I don’t want to contemplate is obvious.  With a main artery gash like that, how long can NBA basketball possibly endure in Milwaukee?

I don’t know about you, but this decade can’t get over with fast enough for me.

Anyways, Happy New Year Bucks fans.  I’m sorry I haven’t been posting this week.  I’m working on a comparative analysis of the careers of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, and given the information I have to work with, the analysis involves a lot of careful calculations and assumptions, and I want to make sure I get them right.

Footnote:  Here’s some gallows humor for you that is germane to the title of this post.  If you follow this blog or my old one (two, actually), you will know that there is a frequent commenter who goes by the handle “Seattle Bucks”.  Well, a lot of other people must be thinking as he thinks, because every month I get a ton of google search hits because of him that are looking specifically for information regarding “Seattle Bucks”.  Unless Seattle has some minor league baseball team I’ve never heard of called the Bucks, the vultures may have picked up a scent.

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4 Responses to “Seattle, here the Bucks come?”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    If I said I’d be completely shocked if it turns out we’re looking at the new Sonics, I’d be lying to ya. I figure one thing though, the first thing the Bucks need to do to at least quiet any relocation talk is bust out of this slump.

    • tywill33 Says:

      You know what? Here’s the thing that scares me.

      I believe the only thing between the Bucks and the Mayflower trucks is Senator Kohl. I hate to talk like this, but when he passes, I can guarantee his heirs put the Bucks on the market before the certificate is signed.

      I actually don’t believe Seattle is the likeliest destination, though. I think the new model is Oklahoma City. I think if an NBA franchise will seek to relocate it will look to do so to a town where it is the only show.

      For some reason Louisville seems like the place. First, the ABA had a successful franchise run out of Kentucky. Only NBA prejudice kept them from merging.

      Second, the Bucks would be the only pro franchise in that market, and they would be able to reach into the Cincinnati market as well.

  2. Seattle Bucks Says:

    Here is some more gallows humor. Imagine if Howard Schultz was able to bring back NBA basketball to Seattle by buying the Milwaukee Bucks at a discount. He makes money on the sale of the Sonics, he gets a new stadium at public expense, people forgive him for selling the Sonics in the first place, and he brings in a team known as the Seattle StarBucks.

    His master plan begins to become clear.

    The most popular blog following the Seattle StarBucks will be the Lattewurst, with StarBucks Diary coming in a close second.

    • tywill33 Says:

      The Starbucks… I needed that laugh, dude!

      Its weird. I think it all depends on how David Stern views the situation. He basically blocked the Twolves from moving to New Orleans and then he turned around and — it seemed — did everything he could to rush the Sonics to Oklahoma. He must have a grand strategy but I don’t know what it is.

      My question is this, though. Why are the Badgers so popular in Madison, and the Bulls so popular in Chicago, yet the Bucks can’t buy a sniff in Milwaukee despite basically the same demographic market.

      I think it has something to do with people’s reticence to go downtown Milwaukee. I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but that’s my hunch.

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