Terrific win for the Bucks

The Bucks looked like a sinking ship, so they needed last night’s thrilling overtime win desperately.  By every possible measurement I have on hand the Bucks played a very good game last night, powered once again by their defense.

Do not undersell the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They are very soon going to be a terrific team, and they are right now a very good team, especially on the road.

The Thunder came into the game with a 9-7 road record, and unlike the record of the Chicago Bulls, it was no fluke.  The Thunder’s Team Win Score on the road coming into the game was 40.8, and their Opposition Win Score was 38.6.

Last night the Bucks held the Thunder down with their defense, and did just enough with their offense to win in overtime.  (SideBar:  How long were the two teams stuck on 88-88??!!  For like, 5 minutes?  And what were the degree of difficulty on those Michael Redd jumpers at the end of regulation??!!)

By Win Score terms, the Bucks defense was way above average, enough to cover for the fact that their offense was below average.

By Point Value over Average, the offense was just slightly below average (-2.1) while the defense was well above average (+8.2).  Either way you slice that was a gritty gutty performance by the Bucks.  (BTW, if you guys liked my old Point Value over Average NBA Power Rankings, the reason I’m not doing them anymore is because “The Basketball Geek” — I love that name — is doing the exact same thing over on his site, and he updates his rankings daily.  Here’s the link.  As you can see, the Bucks are floundering at number 20, but I think there are brighter days ahead for the Green and Cardinal).

The Bogut Factor

Forget Jennings, the most pivotal player on the Milwaukee Bucks is center Andrew Bogut.  When he plays well, the team wins.  When he does not play well, the team loses.  Its that simple.

Last night he played exceptionally well, recording a WS48 of 20.12.  It helped that he was defended by the awful Nenad Kristic for a lot of the night, but you take what you can get.

If you watched the game, I thought it was a poignant moment near the end there when he and Michael Redd were discussing some strategy and each had his arm around the other, a sort of “brothers in arms” moment.

Both players are coming off injury and both have been under intense scrutiny this season.  Both were terrific last night.

What were you aiming at?

If you take out the veterans Bogut, Redd, and Ridnour, the rest of the Bucks roster shot a laughable 15-for-55 from the field.   That’s 27.2%.

Guys, basketball is not that hard a game.  All you have to do is put the round thing into the cylinder thing.  And I think I’ve seen demonstrations proving that four (or was it more?) basketballs can fit into the cylinder at one time.  So its not exactly an Evel Kenevil stunt were talking about.

What is the problem here?

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3 Responses to “Terrific win for the Bucks”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    heh, the Bucks actually bothered to show up in the third quarter this time. looks like it paid off.
    about the Thunder, I figure one thing. they’re a lot better than many people think they are, and as they’re currently constructed, they have most of the pieces that will allow them to compete for a championship in the near future, possibly as soon as next year. their front office seems to know how to build a team. at the very least, they’ll have a FAR better shot at a title than the Hornets do.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Hey TC!

      Yeah, the Thunder have things together. I wonder who’s really driving the thing, wins wise. I know Durant’s played well since he moved to the frontcourt, but there has to be something else going on as well. He’s not a one man wrecking crew type player.

  2. Seattle Bucks Says:

    Sorry, but the Bucks are back to being the Bucks of old. Redd gets hot about every third or fourth game and everybody else just stands around and watches him jack up H-O-R-S-E shots. Just enough glimmer of hope that they could gel and win some games. But it is just lottery ball.

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