Notes on the Bucks vs. the Lakers

I don’t know if everyone noticed, but I’ve created a Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart Page that you can find in the right hand column of the blog.

I am now updating the Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart manually using the “Play-by-Play” transcripts as opposed to the “Production by Position” pages which I had been using in the past.

As a consequence the Bucks Win Chart should be more frequently updated.  My goal is to update it after every game, but that’s not a promise.  I will always indicate on the Bucks Win Chart the date up to which the chart is current.

Laker Disaster

Kobe Bryant could not have played worse than he played last night and yet the Bucks were still not competitive, basically because they insist on shooting jump shots when they have shown no ability to consistently make jump shots.  Its maddening.

The math is so simple.  So far this season the Bucks are producing 0.99 points per scoring possession used.  That means the team is better off sending a 50% foul shooter to the line than it is taking a shot from the field.

If you break it down further the point becomes even more obvious.  The Bucks are producing 0.93 points per field goal attempt possession and approximately 1.47 points per free throw attempt possession.  Faced with those numbers, why the hell wouldn’t you absolutely force the ball toward the basket?  You’re so much better off!

Terrible games everywhere versus LA

Measured by MWS48, only two players on the Milwaukee Bucks roster had “good” games last night: Jodie Meeks and Luc Moute.  The rest of the Bucks ranged from “poor” to “abysmal”.  Brandon Jennings continued his month and a half long decline, while Andrew Bogut continued his  “every time I’m faced with a real center I can’t produce” routine.

Here are the raw Marginal Win Score numbers from last night’s action:

Raw MWS48s versus the Lakers

1. Jodie Meeks (+10.5 in 16 minutes)

2. Luc Moute (+5.5 in 17 minutes)

3. Carlos Delfino (-0.5 in 18 minutes)

4. Hak Warrick (-3.5 in 32 minutes)

5. Andrew Bogut (-3.0 in 26 minutes)

6. Charlie Bell (-4.0 in 27 minutes)

7. Kurt Thomas (-4.0 in 16 minutes)

8. Ersan Ilyasova (-6.0 in 16 minutes)

9. Michael Redd (-7.0 in 12 minutes)

9. Luke Ridnour (-9.5 in 30 minutes)

10. Brandon Jennings (-10.0 in 25 minutes)

Better off without Redd?

It looks like Michael Redd has suffered yet another injury.  The team may be better off without him.  At least they are better off without this season’s Redd, but they are worse off without the normal Michael Redd.  But it became pretty obvious a couple weeks ago that the normal Michael Redd just wasn’t ever going to show up this season.

By Marginal Win Score per 48 he was easily playing the worst basketball of his career.  By BasketballValue’s “Adjusted +/-” he was the Bucks most harmful player.  They are probably better off without him, but without him they will not meet their expected win total coming into this season.

The Bucks Point Value over Average numbers

The Bucks updated “Point Value over Average” numbers show exactly where their problem lies.  It lies on offense.  The team is (+2.2) on the defensive end of the court, but they are (-4.4) on the offensive end of the court.


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2 Responses to “Notes on the Bucks vs. the Lakers”

  1. Blake Says:

    I’m glad Redd is gone, he was awful this season. I heard that his career could be done for and that could help the Bucks salary wise….

    • tywill33 Says:

      Unfortunately I agree. He was an injury waiting to happen. He was noticeably above his usual playing weight and he seemed to have no leg strength whatsoever.

      As for his career, it almost has to be over. The question is this. Is it “medically” over? Because if it is, I believe the Bucks would be owed some relief, and I believe they would be due insurance payments which they could really use at the moment.

      BTW, the Bucks are giving it a great go in Phoenix tonight! Maybe they can finally end the “Curse of Neil Walk”!!

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