Tough Day’s Night for Bango

I was going to write a post a few weeks ago expressing concern about Coach Skiles health, specifically his heart, but I was afraid it would be received as a lame attempt at comedy.

But my concerns were genuine.  He seems to have the kind of personality that lends itself to heart problems, and he probably has a few physical markers as well.  Then on top of that he coaches  a basketball team that must cause him tremendous anguish.  Its not a positive recipe.  Hopefully his episode on the West Coast yesterday will end up being a false alarm.

The Redd Situation… End of the Era?

Michael Redd is all but finished physically, yet he holds a 17 million dollar option for next season that he would be a fool to waive.  I predict this is not going to end pretty.  I’m not familiar with their contractual options, but you know the Bucks will use every available means to attempt to get out from under their obligations to Redd.  They have to.  They would be just as foolish not to.

And so things will get rough.  But for today, you had to feel for Michael Redd.  He must feel as though he were climbing a slippery mountain and he just slid all the way back down to the valley.  He’s where he was last season, where he never thought he’d be again, and it has to be crushing him inside.  He said as much when asked.

“Shaken. I’m a man of faith but I’m a little shaken. You never expect it to happen and then for it to happen again….”

As a Bucks fan, I guess I have to hope that he becomes a medical casualty so that the Bucks can use the money they owe him on someone — or more likely someones — who can actually help them win basketball games next season.  You can’t waste whole seasons on sentiment when you’ve wasted so many on incompetence.

With that crass acknowledgment, I have to say I’m sort of pulling for the guy.  I was genuinely moved by the words he used at his press conference, “Something in my heart won’t let me give up”.

How can you root against a guy like that?

The Ghost that won’t die

I updated the Bucks Win Chart to reflect the team’s fine effort on the road against the Phoenix Suns.  As I said to a commenter, I thought the 22 year curse of Neal Walk (a player whom Bill Simmons refers to as “the hairiest in NBA history“) was finally vanquished.   I thought the ghosts of the Alcindor flip were finally gone.  I thought the deal we made with Lucifer for six years of glory was finally paid in full.

Then Bogut missed that little bunny.  Just a little bun-bun, and he couldn’t quite work it over the rim.   And the Antlers took their annual “L” in Phoenix.

But, as I say repeatedly, don’t overemphasize “key moments”.  Games are won and lost because of every single play made in the game, not just the ones that come nearest to the end.  And, overall, Bogut had a nice defensive night.  But I wish he would have made that layup.

The player of the game for the Bucks, however, was PF “Hack” Warrick.  He had an awesome game.  If he keeps this kind of play up, perhaps the Bucks fortunes will turn.

Remember, I said “If”…


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2 Responses to “Tough Day’s Night for Bango”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    I wound up missing the first half, but it looks like the Bucks had another one of those quarters where they brick so many shots I could build a new house. And if past games have told me anything, I’d figure the Suns took the inside away and kept us on the perimeter long enough to build a nearly insurmountable leald (emphasis on nearly). story of the season.

  2. tywill33 Says:


    You know what’s odd, though? If you cut the game into segments, there is one segment where the Suns outscore the Bucks by 24 points — a blowout basically — and another segment in the very same game where the Bucks outscored the Suns by 27 — a return blowout!

    How can that be? How can a team have such dominance over an opponent in one segment only to see themselves equally subjugated in another?

    It was kind of like the Foreman-Lyle prizefight. First one team lands haymakers then the other team regroups and lands equally potent haymakers. Strange.

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