Milwaukee Bucks “Needs Improvement” list

Here are some random items Bucks players need to work on in the second half of the season:

Andrew Bogut

1. Defensive eFG

In general Andrew Bogut does a nice job of limiting the production of his opponent centers.  There’s one area he can do better in though: opponent field goal percentage.  He is currently allowing centers to shoot 53.3%, which is below average and Bogut’s worst on the ball defense since his second season.

2. No Jumpers Andy!

Remember my post a couple seasons (and a couple of blogs) back about Andrew Bogut and his useless jump shooting?  Essentially I reckoned he could be a much better win producer if he simply stopped shooting jumpers.  Last season he basically did and the results followed.  Now he’s back to shooting them and his eFG is way down.  I’d fine him every time he shot one.

3. Fear not the free throw line

If you look at Andrew Bogut’s “clutch” stats its obvious that late in close games he goes soft.  His jump shot percentage goes way up, and his numbers go way down.  I know why.  He doesn’t want to risk having to shoot a free throw.  That’s stupid!  Even if he makes only one of two, that’s much better than the average Buck possession.

Brandon Jennings

1. Get some Nash

Did you realize that when Brandon Jennings goes into the lane he gets his shot blocked 21% of the time, but when the supposedly “unathletic” Steve Nash goes into the lane he gets his shot blocked a mere 4% of the time?  Athleticism is THE most over rated trait in basketball.  Basketball skill and craftiness are much more important.  Jennings needs to learn how to finish at the rim then he will be complete.

Luc Moute

1. Get on the offensive boards

The one  area where Luc Moute’s game has diminshed is the offensive boards.  He still gets an above average percent, but with his limited offense he needs to do better than that.  He has to live off those easy put backs.

Hak Warrick

1. Finish in the lane

Warrick is making only 44% of his “close” shots.  He has to better than that… he’s a power forward.

Carlos Delfino

1. Find the three

Without the three, Delfino is useless offensively.  I realize its a high variance shot, but a half a season of missing is a high enough variance I think.

Every Buck

1. Get on the offensive glass

When you can’t shoot a lick, you have to pound the offensive glass relentlessly for second chancers.  The Bucks are currently 21st in the NBA in offensive rebounding percentage.  They have to do better than that.  I doubt they will, though.  Last season they were 22nd.

2. Better free throw line defense

I’m being sarcastic.  But did you realize this is the second season in a row the Bucks opponents have  shot a higher than average free throw percentage against them?  That’s got to be bad luck, right?  Anyway, it costs the team real wins.  Last season the Bucks were the unluckiest “free throw  in the entire NBA.  This season they’ve improved to third unluckiest.  (and it doesn’t have anything to do with the extra opportunities the Bucks give up either.  Indiana gave up the second most opportunities last season yet their opponents shot well under the NBA average… and one has to assume they played virtually the same schedule as Milwaukee.  Curious.)

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5 Responses to “Milwaukee Bucks “Needs Improvement” list”

  1. Jane Gallop Says:

    I think it really disrespectful that you always call Mbah a Moute, “Luc Moute.” I’m sure you’re bugged by his long name, but you can’t just willfully disregard the way they name people in another culture.
    In all my reading about the Bucks, I haven’t found anyone else doing this. I’m fine, for example, with “LRMAM” that some folks use. I’m not against nicknames or shortening, but this just sounds “ugly American” provincial.
    Why do you do it?

    • tywill33 Says:

      Sorry about that Jane. I love the guy. Never mean any disrespect to him, obviously. And its not that I’m bugged, if you saw my last name you’d know that I’m in no position to get annoyed by how long anyone else’s last name is (in fact, in the signature line I refer to myself as “tywill” for brevity).

      Its just a time/spelling issue.

      Bucks fans know who I’m referring to when I put “Luc Moute” and I guarantee you I’d butcher the spelling if I constantly had to go to his full name. So when he came to the team I just referred to him as “Luc Moute” right from the beginning… just for time’s sake. I promise you, that is all it is.

      Your general point is correct, though. If I ever had a personal dealing with him, or sent him any correspondence, and I used “Luc Moute”… well, that would be an embarrassment to myself more than anything. I would never do that.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Jane — a follow-up. And please note, I’m not trying to be a wise guy here because I totally understand your point.

      But if I use your suggested LRMAM, how is that better? Both “Luc Moute” and “LRMAM” are truncated references — neither are his given name. Why is the acronym better? At least “Luc Moute” has the benefit of being understood by Bucks fans. They wouldn’t know who the hell I meant if I referred to him as LRMAM.

      And please believe me it is not a cultural issue. I truncate names on a completely nondiscriminatory basis. If Nik Caner-Medley ever made it to the Bucks, I guarantee you I would refer to him as “Nik Medley”.

  2. Jane Gallop Says:

    sorry to belabor…
    this has been bothering me for months, but somehow this week I went over the edge and was moved to write you.
    the difference btw LRMAM & Luc Moute is that one is clearly an abbreviation whereas the other looks like you think that is his actual name, looks like you think Moute is his last name…

    By the way, I write this bc I really appreciate Mbah a Moute
    & bc I really appreciate your writing about the Bucks

    • tywill33 Says:

      You do? Thank you!

      And you know what? On reflection, you made a strong and correct point. I WAS treating his name like two middle names and a last name. Would I refer to Kareem Abdul Jabbar as Kareem Jabbar?? No! That sounds stupid.

      Damn, now I’m in a dilemma… I guarantee if I go with the full name I’ll figure about 14 wrong ways to spell it. I gotta think about this.

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