No defense for Bango’s defense in Rip City

I don’t know if any of you Antlerheads stayed up and watched that garbage the Milwaukee Bucks put out last night, but I did.  What a pathetic effort.  Possibly the worst defense the team has played all season.

Let me put into perspective how bad the Bucks defense was.

First you have my “tell-tale” defensive marker — assists allowed.  If a defense allows the opposition to produce more than 21 assists, that means the ball was moving too freely.  That speaks to a lack of effort on defense.  The Portland Trailblazers had 25 assists last night.  The ball was moving so freely, I thought I was watching the Harlem Globetrotters.

Then you look at the Blazers’ field goal percentage.  Ridiculous.  It was like a lazy game of Noon Ball at the Y for them.  If you factor in 3 point shots made, the Blazers effective field goal percentage was well over 60%.

Ed Peterson did a landmark study a few years ago in which he shot-charted and play-described an entire season of Sacramento Kings basketball.  Ed’s data shows that the average NBA player will make 60% of his “wide open” jumpers, and somewhere in the range of 35% of his “contested” jumpers.

The Blazers shot 60% overall from the field last night.  They had a lot of “wide open” jumpers.  Complete crap effort.  Complete crap.


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One Response to “No defense for Bango’s defense in Rip City”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    and again, deja vu. a garbage first quarter kills the Bucks again. teams like the Blazers will win every time if you start as weak as the Bucks did. I only watched the first half this time, but the Blazers just looked like they were running circles around the Bucks on both sides of the ball.

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