Jennings excels against “shorter” teams

I may have inadvertently fallen into an explanation for Brandon Jennings fast start and then seeming decline when I wrote my “Effective Height” post yesterday.

Last night Jennings at long last had an excellent game.   He certainly loves playing against Golden State.  Check out where they rank in “Effective Height”… 29th.  They’re not long.

Nor were most of the Bucks early opponents, opponents that fueled JenningsMania09.  Compare the Bucks early schedule to the team’s listed below the Bucks in “Effective Height”.  They’re mostly all there.  I note that Jennings did also have a nice game in there against a “tall” Charlotte, but Charlotte was missing Tyson Chandler, so they weren’t that tall.  And in the midst of his spree of big games early he played a very poor game against Dallas… a team ranked up in the top 10 in effective height.

Obviously it gets back to his inability to finish at the rim.  If he can do so, he’s okay.  If he can’t he struggles.  And the Golden State’s and Minnesota’s of the world let him do so.


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