Hangin tough in Houston

The NBA loves the MLK Holiday.  They treat it as though everyone is off today.

The Bucks are playing a matinee in Houston against the Rockets.  They are having a strong game so far, leading by one as I type this.

This comports with my latest Relative Winning Percentage Power Ranking calculations, which I will post shortly.  The Bucks are an improved road team and Houston is a mediocre home team.  Thus, this one could be “gettable” for the Bucks.

Besides, they’re due for an upset.  They haven’t had a genuine surpriser (other than the negative one against Washington at home) in quite some time.  That just doesn’t jibe with what usually happens in pro basketball.

Oh, footnote.  At noon I caught part of the Jim Rome show and the guest hosts were commenting on how the first 3 NFL playoff games last weekend went completely according to form, and how the last game, the Jets upset, came out of the blue.

The 71% rule should have forewarned them the weekend slate was due for an upset.

Footnote to my footnote:  I just checked B-R.com and the Bucks would be pulling off a big upset if they won today.  Houston’s win probability coming into the game they calculated at 68%.


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