Stackhouse might be decent backup for Bucks

The Bucks just signed semi-retired veteran swingman Jerry Stackhouse for the remainder of the season.  I anticipated some kind of cut-rate “lets find a scorer who’s cheap” maneuver like this from the Bucks.  But, given the poor level of play the Bucks have gotten at shooting guard, Stackhouse might actually be an upgrade.

Using the data on, I analyzed Stackhouse’s win performance as a member of the Dallas Mavericks, beginning in 2004-05 and excluding his truncated last season of 2008-09.  Here are the numbers he produced.


MWS48: +0.33


MWS48: -0.92


MWS48: +0.02


MWS48: -1.14


MWS48: -0.40

Player Win Average: .435%

Stackhouse might help at shooting guard

So as you can see from Stackhouse’s career, he’s wavered between an average NBA player (MWS: +0.00) and an average backup NBA swingman (MWS: -0.90).  If he can maintain that level of play, he won’t set the world on fire in Milwaukee, but he could be helpful if the Bucks deploy him at shooting guard.

If you take a look at my Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart, you will see that I have added a new column, “Total Marginal Win Score”.  This is simply a running total of each player’s Win Score minus the Win Score total of all the players he has guarded.

As you can see from the chart, the 3 players the Bucks have mainly deployed at shooting guard this season — Charlie Bell, Michael Redd, and Jodie Meeks — have not been very good.  In fact, along with backup center Kurt Thomas those three have been the largest source of loss production for the Bucks this season.

A team should not bleed so many wins from either of its perimeter positions.  As I have pointed out, shooting guard and small forward have the lowest replacement cost of any NBA position (probably because height is not as much of a prerequisite as it is with the 4 and 5 positions, and because the positions do not require the special skills that a point guard must have).  “Low replacement cost” basically means there is a lot of “decent” producers available at each position.

So Stackhouse could possibly shore up the mess at shooting guard.  Of course, that’s presuming he still has some talent left at 35 years old, and that the Bucks use him at shooting guard.

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