The Jennings factor?

I do not believe the Bucks have lost a single game this season in which Brandon Jennings has shot over 50%.  He is shooting over 50% today and the game is tied with under a minute to play.

Update:  Wrong!  First of all, he’s only shot “over” 50% TWICE this season.  That’s unbelievable for a guy who uses so many shots.  Second, they lost at Charlotte when he shot exactly 50%.  Here’s a flabbergasting statistic for you.  In the last 27 games, Brandon Jennings has shot over 40% — FORTY PERCENT — only 4 times!!!!!!!!  And he has shot over 44% — which is considered the absolute bottom edge of good shooting — only six times — for the entire season — with today almost certain to be the seventh.  The Bucks are 5-1 in said games.

REUPDATE:  Unbelievable but true.   Jennings, who was shooting 60% from the field when I first typed this post, has just shot his way BELOW 40%!!  In like ten minutes of real time.  Incredible.

Triple Update:  Eh, they lost.  And Jennings ended up at 37.5%.  He couldn’t stand prosperity, I guess.  In his defense he did make 4 threes, but that only brings his effective percentage to 45%.  Is it any wonder the team’s offense absolutely blows when their top “usage” guy shoots so poorly.  That’s why “usage” is one of the most overrated statistics in modern sports.  It has no value — zero — in and of itself.  Either you turn scoring possessions into points or you don’t.  There’s no brownie points for simply being willing to take extra shots.

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