Delfino has found it!

Raw MWS totals from Bucks vs. Raptors

1. SF Carlos Defino (+10.5)… 38 min

2. SG Charlie Bell (+6.5)… 34 min

3. G/F Jerry Stackhouse (+4.5)… 17 min

4. PF Luc Moute (+4.0)… 31 min

5. G Luke Ridnour (+4.0)… 11 min

6. C Andrew Bogut (+1.5)… 32 min

7. C Hakim Warrick (-1.0)… 4 min

8. C Francisco Elson (-3.5)… 8 min

9. PF/C Ersan Ilyasova (-4.0)… 4 min

10.  PG Brandon Jennings (-4.5) … 36 min


Remember how I was bitching because Bucks SF Carlos Delfino couldn’t seem to shake his season long shooting slump?  Apparently he has found the range, big time.

It helps to play against the non-defensive Raptors, but Delfino has been on his game for about a week, and Coach Skiles is riding the shit out of him.  Giddy up!

A New Hope at Shooting Guard?

Yes he didn’t shoot well, but Jerry Stackhouse showed the all-around gam — including defense — that could finally shore up the Bucks weakest position, shooting guard.  5 rebounds and 4 assists with zero turnovers and a (+4.5) Marginal Win Score for a guy who came off the street is a pretty impressive 17 minute debut in my book.   Keep it up Stack!!  Oh, and we’ll be seeing you Jodie Meeks. (I’m not saying out of town, just out of the rotation for now).

Bogut mitigates Bosh’s Tsunami of Production

Andrew Bogut just got LIT by Toronto C Chris Bosh tonight.  Bosh went for 23 Win Score points, 17 of which came off Bogut.  But, even though Bogut’s defense has been down this season, his production has been very impressive, especially on the boards and especially of late.  Somehow he manages to put up positive MWS every night, and he did so tonight in the face of Bosh’s onslaught.  Without that counterweight, it would have been tough for the Bucks to win.  Oh, and also without Andrea Bargnani they probably don’t win.  He was his usual awful self.

DeMar DeRotten

Why do raw players like DeMar DeRozan and the Bucks Brandon Jennings go so high in the NBA draft?  Neither had any productive credentials coming into the NBA and neither has been terribly productive in the NBA.  What did Toronto think was so special about him?  His standing reach isn’t all that impressive, and for a shooting guard his outside shot isn’t all that impressive, and he doesn’t really produce secondary statistics at all.  And he had a hard time covering Delfino and Bell, so his defense didn’t impress me either.  Other than that, he’s the new Rick Barry!  All he needs is a circa 1976 wig and he’s good to go!

Bucks bitchslap Alexander again… Why?

The Bucks just D-Leagued Joe Alexander.  To tell you the truth, I don’t get the whole Joe Alexander thing.   I’m not a huge fan, and yes he sucked as a rookie, but as I pointed out above, so do a lot of rookies.  According to my calculations, the aforementioned DeMar DeRozan, who was drafted around the same slot as Alexander, and who plays a similar position, currently sports a MWS of -1.64 for Toronto.  Last season Joe Alexander produced a MWS of -1.88, a bit worse but only a bit.  You think Toronto isn’t going to extend DeMar DeRozan when the time comes?  Of course they will.  So why are the Bucks bitch slapping Alexander so badly?  Why did they give up on him so quickly?  Or, more to the point, what did they see in him when they drafted him that they no longer believe exists?  There’s more to this story.  I sense a behind the scenes conflict of some sort.  Its just weird.

4 Responses to “Delfino has found it!”

  1. Seattle Bucks Says:

    Why do you say Bogut’s defense is down this year? Maybe I haven’t noticed before, but it seems like this is the first year that people go into the lane and actually change their shot because they are afraid of Bogut.

    • tywill33 Says:

      He’s allowing a higher field goal percentage and more production to the players he’s guarding. He’s not playing crap defense, its just not as good as last season.

      Of course it could just be a reflection of competition. His play was so sporadic last season it might be that he just faced weaker opponents.

  2. TC from Racine Says:

    Joe in the D-League: yeh, the guy’s never looked like anybody who was worth a lottery pick. eh well, that chapter’s long been written, all I can say is this is about a year overdue IMO.
    on another note, Delfino as player of the game…odd concept. I wouldn’t have thunk it.

    • tywill33 Says:

      But the there’s something that makes no sense. When they drafted Alexander they must have done it for a reason. What was the reason, and how has that reason changed in one year?

      In other words, what has he shown in the meantime that he didn’t show prior to the draft that has convinced the Bucks that he is so worthless they are better off dumping him and taking a big fat zero on yet another lottery pick?

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