Charlie Bell an All-Star? Interesting theory

Milwaukee Bucks fans will be happy (or shocked) to find out the team has an All-Star on its roster.  If it weren’t for the title to this post, I bet most of you who watch games wouldn’t be able to guess who it is in a million years.

According to “Adjusted +/-“, Bucks G Charlie Bell is amongst the four top performing guards in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and therefore deserving  of a spot on the NBA All-Star game roster.

This will come as a complete surprise to anyone who’s watched him play, or indeed looked at his accomplishments on the basketball floor.  Let’s see, he’s a well below average shooter, a below average rebounder, a below average passer, and he’s below average at producing steals.  I will credit his defense as a bit above average, and I will mention that he does a good job protecting the ball, but is that enough to make the All-Star team?

I think Adjusted +/- qualifies as interesting information, but it can’t be taken seriously as  a performance statistic when its results are so random, inconsistent, and frankly ridiculous.


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One Response to “Charlie Bell an All-Star? Interesting theory”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    the day Charlie Bell deserves to be an all star is the day you’ll see my fat butt starting opening day for the Cubs. I’d think about hiring him as a farmhand if I had a herd of cattle though.

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