The other bad All-Star selection

Everyone’s so obsessed with the ridiculous selection of Allen Iverson to the NBA All-Star game they are missing the other completely unjustified selection, C Amare Stoudamire of Phoenix.  He has no business being anywhere near All-Star Weekend.

Stoudamire once was a very productive player.  That was pre-knee surgery.  Now he’s just a good player, but no longer an All-Star.  I found five centers in the Western Conference who, by MWS48 and Win Contribution Index (see the Pages for explanation) are having much better seasons.  Here is the chart illustrating my point. (I realize Tim Duncan made the team as a power forward, but that is yet another farce.  He hasn’t played a minute at power forward all season).

As you can see from the chart, there are at least 3 legitimate All-Star centers playing in the West.  Pau Gasol is having a tremendous year (despite his occasional inability to finish strong around the basket), and Marcus Camby… well, I should just save my breath.  If people haven’t recognized his value after a decade of work, they never will.

But I’d defend his selection to the team with vigor.  I can’t say the same about Iverson or Stoudamire.

I’ll have more evaluations of the All-Star selections coming up.



6 Responses to “The other bad All-Star selection”

  1. Jeremy Haines Says:

    Is listing Pau Gasol at forward also a farce? Andrew Bynum is, at least nominally, the Lakers’ center. I must admit I don’t enjoy watching the Lakers play so I’m not sure if Gasol put in big minutes vs. opposing centers. His brother Marc is having a pretty good year w/Memphis.

    • tywill33 Says:

      According to 82games, and I guess my own casual observations, he’s about 50/50 between the positions.

      Duncan on the other hand NEVER plays power forward. But I heard a radio interview with one of the All-Star committee members and he said they wanted to list Duncan at center but San Antonio raised a shit fit, obviously because they don’t want him having to compete against the Chinese vote.

      Of course now Dirk Nowitzki gets screwed. Ironically, he actually plays some center.

  2. Josh Dhani Says:

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  3. brgulker Says:

    and Marcus Camby… well, I should just save my breath. If people haven’t recognized his value after a decade of work, they never will.

    I don’t think the majority of fans will ever value a guy like Camby as high as he should be valued, because it’s difficult to compare the value of rebounds and defense into points.

    Basketball is about scoring more points than your opponent; therefore, guys who score lots of points get valued, regardless of what else they do (or do not) do. I just don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • tywill33 Says:

      You’re absolutely right, and its probably because players and coaches believe its true.

      For example, did you ever notice when players from the Sixties make an argument for Bill Russell over Wilt Chamberlain, they always unnecessarily concede that the statistics favor Wilt and then try to make their argument on alternative, usually subjective bullshit grounds (“Russell sacrificed statistics for the sake of the team”)?

      The fact is you could use the statistics to make a strong case for Russell… just not the statistics the players think are the be-all-end-alls.

      Another reason is because solid rebounding is a lot like solid offensive line play in football. You only realize its value when its missing from your team.

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