Joe Alexander off to poor D League start

I’m pulling for Bucks forward Joe Alexander.  I think The Man stepped on him a little and I don’t think that’s right.

He’s not rewarding my patronage though.  His work so far in the D League simply won’t cut the mustard.  His Win Score in his first two games was 6.0 — or about 1.7 below NBA average for a small forward.

That’s actually in line with his  NBA Win Score of 3.56, but if he wants to change opinions about him, he has to start dominating the D League, like Amir Johnson did or Ramon Sessions did (and Richard Hendrix did).  You have to crush the competition down there, and Alexander aint doing it.

But as I say, I continue to pull for him.  He’s done nothing wrong.  He didn’t force the Bucks to waste a lottery pick on him.


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