That deserved a WOW!

I know Minnesota laid down (you cannot accumulate 36 assists unless the other team is totally indifferent) but still, that was quite a performance by the Bucks.  I did an updated Win Chart and the Bucks were so dominant they picked up +1.8 Marginal Win Score wins last night.  I just checked, and the Bucks also picked up +1.9 Pythagorean wins.

Carlos Delfino — by himself — recorded a +24.0 Raw Marginal Win Score.  If you follow the Win Chart, you will know that the Bucks leader for the season, Andrew Bogut, is only +66.0… for the season!  +24.0 is like perfection witnessed.

And for the game the Bucks as a whole were +69.5.  To put that in perspective, most games the margin is single digits one way or the other.  +69.5 is like playing against air.

It was so ridiculous.  A handful of Bucks altered their entire Win Profile in one night.  Brandon Jennings, who was sinking for a while there, not only ended his “sub 50%” shooting streak, he pulled his raw MWS almost back to even.  He delivered a statistical beatdown to Sessions and mostly Jonny Flynn.  If Jennings can keep his scoring efficiency somewhere near zero (meaning he produces as many points as possessions), he’d be in good shape.  The problem is that he shoots and misses so much.  Did you see he was hitting that floating shot again?  That is one tough shot to master.  He should use it sparingly, but last night it was on.  According to Hoopdata, Jennings was 4-for-4 from the “10 foot” range, and I think all of them were floaters.

Is Ryan Hollins the worst player in the NBA?

I thought that was Potsie Webber out there playing center for the Wolves.  Ryan Hollins fouled out in only 8 minutes of action, which is almost impossible to do, and he never bothered to even grab one single rebound for his trouble.  He is either the worst or close to the worst producer in the NBA.

Update:  From the Wikipedia “Potsie Weber” page:

“One of the character’s main traits was his inability to play basketball with any semblance of talent. Because of this, and because of the show’s popularity, his name entered into the vernacular. In other words, an extremely poor basketball shot is known as “a potsie weber.”

When Jennings is on

I was just looking at Jennings game log statistics on Hoopdata.  Its cool because it allows you to click on any of the stats to order them.  I clicked on effective field goal percentage to order Jennings games from best shooting nights to worst.  The Bucks won 9 of his 10 best games.  Oddly, they also won 4 of his 6 worst shooting games (theories?).  But in between its just a blood red sky as U2 would say. L…L…L…L.  But when he’s on its W…W…W…W.


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