Who’s Hot and Who’s Not on the Milwaukee Bucks

The day after Christmas I recorded all of the MWS numbers and Player Win Averages for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Tonight I used them to do a special “13 Game Win Chart” (Game 29 to Game 41… excludes Minnesota game).  I wanted to see who has been playing well of late and who has not.

You can CLICK HERE to see the 13 Game Win Chart.  I kept the players in the same order as I have them on the season long Win Chart, and I linked the two charts together for easy comparison.

A comparison of the player’s Marginal Win Scores, along with their Player Win Averages will tell you how the player’s performance in the last 30 days relates to his overall performance.  Remember, PWA is the percentage of wins the player produced per 240 minutes of action.

If you want to know how the player’s overall impact on the team over the past 30 days compares to his overall impact on the team for the season, look at the player’s Win Contribution Indexes.  That number is  fully comparable.  Remember, a team of players with +0.000 WCIs would be a .500 team.

Bear in mind when you are looking at the chart that the Milwaukee Bucks played 10 of the last 13 games on the road.  So their 5.1 wins produced is not as bad as it seems.  An average team would have expected to win 5.6 games.

Who’s Hot

1. Ersan Ilyasova

2. Andrew Bogut

3. Carlos Delfino

Who’s Not

1. Kurt Thomas

2. Charlie Bell

3. Brandon Jennings

4. Luc Richard Moute

Should Bell sit while Meeks plays?

Over the past 13 games, Jodie Meeks has performed at the level of an average second string NBA shooting guard.  Charlie Bell has not.  Bell had the largest negative impact on the Milwaukee Bucks over the last 30 days.  But this should come as no surprise.  He has been the Bucks greatest loss producer since the Bucks matched his free agent offer sheet several seasons ago.  I do not know this for certain, but I think its not reckless to say that given his poor level of play coupled with his significant playing time he has to be among the Top 10 most harmful Bucks of all time.  Easily. (the only other I can think of would be Tim Thomas, but he wasn’t with the team as long.  Otherwise, maybe some big man, but I doubt it.)

With the recent addition of Jerry Stackhouse, Jodie Meeks has gone to the bench.  A strong argument could be made that Bell should be the one going to the bench.  What advantage is there in playing him?  Meeks is basically a younger, better, less harmful version of Bell.  Why not play him?

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