BTW, awesome Bucks game last night

I wish I had more time to comment on last night’s game, and the seeming improvement of the unusually unlucky Milwaukee Bucks.

For now I’ll just say this.  Last night’s Bucks game was — from a pure basketball standard — one of the best Bucks games I’ve seen in years.  Shifting tides… ebb and flow… it had everything save a Bucks win.

A brief ending comment.  Andrew Bogut and Carlos Delfino are playing some great, great basketball.  The Aussie and the Spaniard are rebounding, scoring and defending.  Bogut just DESTROYED every Dallas center last night.  Did you see Dampier affecting a pronounced limp for the cameras after the game?  Give it up, buddy!  You were beaten, fair and square… and sound. 

And I have to hand it to Bucks GM John Hammond.  Every player he brought in last summer (excepting the draft) is playing well at the moment.  Even Kurt Thomas!  He’s been a blast from the Kurt Thomas past for about a week.

Go Bucks!


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