Has Bell turned it around?

Everything  seems to be trending upward for the Milwaukee Bucks recently.  Even Charlie Bell has put together back-to-back outstanding basketball games.

CLICK HERE to see the up-to-date Bucks Win Chart

In the Philadelphia game he did it with good shooting and good defense on the washed-up Allen Iverson.

Last night he put on a defensive clinic against Dwyane Wade, locking down one of the hardest players in the Association to lock down.  Just a great, great effort last night, following a strong effort the game before.

Stackhouse has the Jimmy Hands

Jerry Stackhouse has always been a little below average when it comes to turnover percentage, but in his short time with the Bucks he’s been horrible.  This indicates to me that he is not yet up to NBA speed, but that could actually be a good thing.  It might mean we can expect better days ahead from Stackhouse.  I’m not suggesting he’s been anywhere near horrible, but I think he can play a bit better, and perhaps his uncharacteristic turnover struggles are an indication of that.

Its Official: Jennings better than I thought

Brandon Jennings has had his ups-and-downs, and he certainly struggles shooting the ball and he shoots it way too frequently.  He could also stand to improve his assist rate (kept by Hoopdata, “AR” is basically the percentage of a player’s possessions that end in an assist).

I may have mentioned this before, or maybe I did not, but Jennings is well below average in Assist Rate when compared to other point guards who play at least 25 minutes per game.  In fact, his Assist Rate ranks him with the NBA’s “shoot first, ask questions afterward” pseudo point guards like Rodney Stuckey, Gilbert Arenas, Mo Williams, Stephen Curry, Jonny Flynn, and Tyreke Evans.

Is that a bad thing?  I kind of think so, because the really big win producers at the position are all near the top of the rankings in this category (if you go to the link above, click on “AR” and it will order the point guards for you).

But, all in all, Brandon Jennings has been much more productive than I thought he would be, and since it is past the midway point of the season, its time to officially say that his production is not a fluke.

Most of his positive contributions to the Milwaukee Bucks at the moment comes through his work on the defensive end.  Others disagree with my assessment, but according to “counterpart opponent” statistics Jennings has had a fine defensive season to date.  Either that is true, or opposing point guards mysteriously become less productive for no explainable reason when they are matched against Jennings.   I am persuaded by the former, not the latter.


2 Responses to “Has Bell turned it around?”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    I don’t recall you mentioning that before, hope he improves on that. Interestingly, for some reason a lot of people seemed to think Sessions was a below average to awful defender last year but I can’t remember many PGs who did that well against him. Eh well, again here’s to hoping Jennings keeps it up on defense and gets more selective with his shots.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I just found out about it. I kind of was looking for a similar stat, because “assist percentage” seemed somewhat deceptive to me. Jennings assist percentage was always high, but so were his shot attempts. His high assist percentage was more reflective of the Bucks lack of field goal shooting.

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