Gang Green! Your Bucks are on a serious roll

Sorry I haven’t been posting more frequently.  I’ve been really, really busy.  And wouldn’t you just know, the Bucks simultaneously have gone on their most impressive roll of the ’09-’10 season.

The last two wins have been particularly satisfying.  Two beatdowns of the Miami Heat:  home-and-home fashion.  Very, very nice.  It makes one wonder just where the Bucks rank in the NBA hierarchy.  The Heat have consistently ranked in the top 15 in every objective Power Ranking I’ve done or seen this season. (and to those that say the Heat were greatly weakened by the absence of Michael Beasley, I have  a one word reply… “Please!”  Have you been following his career?)

The truth is, the Milwaukee Bucks have been playing solid basketball for the majority of the new year.  Their record in January stands as stellar when one factors in not only the location of  the majority of the games, but also the strength of the opponents played.

Truth be told, this run they’ve been on is much more impressive than their early season string.  Those wins came mostly at home and mostly against lesser opponents.   Lately, the Hunter Green is hunting road  prey.  That’s a great sign going forward.


Addendum:  I just looked at the boxscore. (I didn’t get home in time to watch the game).  It looks like Bogut had yet another great, great night.  He’s having one hell of a season.  And the Bucks improved play neatly parallels the vastly improved play of Carlos Delfino.  He is a huge upgrade over Richard Jefferson.  Not only can he score, he is a TREMENDOUS defensive rebounder (You haven’t heard me mention the name Amir Johnson in a while,  have you?).  Finally, it looks like we can start referring to Charlie Bell as the “DWade Stopper”.  Wade had another mediocre game matched against Bell.

Second Addendum:  I swear to God I did not know when I wrote the first addendum that both Miami Heat radio and ESPN have taken to actually referring to Charlie Bell as “The DWade Stopper”.  My reference was an homage to the former Buck Ruben Patterson who famously referred to himself as “The Kobe Stopper”.

PS – If you notice, I haven’t been shirking my duties with regard to the Bucks Win Chart.  I normally have it updated by at least the night after the game.  It can always be accessed on the Page list.

2 Responses to “Gang Green! Your Bucks are on a serious roll”

  1. Abe Says:

    Go Bucks. Rough game vs. Orlando, but this month should be a nice buffer month record wise.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I didn’t even look at the schedule. But if they keep playing as they played in January, they will be a playoff team for certain.

      A lot of pundits are either unimpressed by the Bucks or bored by them. Not me. I can’t remember a more encouraging season. They are a well-coached, hard working squad, that wins the winnable games.

      And sooner or later the odds say they will knock off a top team. But for now winning the winnables is a great sign.

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