Bucks stock rising

A couple of weeks ago I noticed something.   Even though the Bucks were taking some beatdowns during their “heavy road” portion of their schedule, if you factored opponent strength and game location the Bucks were not performing badly at all.  The leading “objective” (meaning not opinion based) power rankings are all beginning to reflect that improvement.  The Bucks stock seems to be rising everywhere.

On my favorite power ranking, The Basketball Geek’s, the Bucks were stuck in the same position for what seemed an eternity, somewhere around 21st in the NBA, and somewhere around -1.8 in adjusted efficiency.

In the last two weeks they’ve finally gotten some kitty litter under their tires and they’re beginning to move.  They passed up several Eastern Conference 8th seed rivals and moved tantalizingly close to the upper half of the NBA, with a much improved adjusted efficiency of -0.4 (that projects to a 40 win season).

The Bucks are already in the top half of  John Hollinger’s power ratings, another ranking system in which the team forever languished near number 21.  The Bucks are currently ranked 14th.

The most encouraging, and I’ll admit most confusing, objective power ranking I found was located on the information-rich gambling site known as Statfox.com.

If I am reading their “Power Rating” correctly, it looks as though they rate the Bucks a top ten team.  I can’t see how that could be.  That seems a bit TOO optimistic, but the people behind Statfox are not in the business of sentiment, they are in the cash business.  Either they get it right or they lose money.

Of course I am not a gambler, so that Power Rating number they gave the Bucks may not be saying what I’m reading.  In fact, it may mean something completely different.  But if they’re implying you can set a hypothetic betting line based upon it, it sure seems to suggest to me they think the Bucks are a very strong team.

Anyway, feel free to educate me on that one.  But the bottom line is the Bucks are playing excellent basketball by any standard after what looked like a fatal Christmas swoon.

Gotta beat Indiana tonight though.  Got to.

2 Responses to “Bucks stock rising”

  1. aaron Says:

    Re the statfox…yes its exactly what you think it is…for example tonight bucks game at home should have been a -9 vs Indiana…actual was -7…the betting factor is going into that high ranking..the bucks are currently the tied 4th best team in the NBA against the spread(ATL,OKC,CHAR,tieUTAH)…all other teams in the top 10 besides Atlanta for some reason who has the best ATS record but they might factor in recent results which the bucks are on a 1O-1 recent ats tear

    the four worst teams in stafoxs rating also include the 3 worst teams against the spread and Bostons middle of the road ranking reflects there terrible 18-26-1 record ats despite having a good record

  2. tywill33 Says:


    So you can’t really extrapolate from the ranking that the Statfox thinks the Bucks are the 8th or whatever strongest team, is that right? You’re saying their ranking simply reflects their play versus the spread?

    That actually makes a lot of sense. The Bucks are a very consistent team. They normally beat the teams one would expect them to beat and get beat by the teams one would expect to beat them.

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