Joe Alexander looks like a BAD ant

Based on his first four games for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, former Bucks lottery pick Joe Alexander is slipping closer and closer to a “full blown bust” status.

If you are a legitimate NBA player, and you are sent down to the D League, you have to DOMINATE, like Joey Dorsey of the Rockets did before his recent call-up (Prior to his call-up, Dorsey had a Win Score of 19.39 for Rio Grande).

Joe Alexander is most certainly NOT dominating the D-League.  His Win Score per game stands at an embarrassing 3.28 per 48 (I use regular Win Score because its too time consuming to figure out Marginal Win Score).

That would be very bad production at the NBA level.  At the D League level,  its the equivalent of a baseball player being sent down to the minor leagues and batting .150 against minor league pitching.  It doesn’t project well to the big league.

Its safe to say Joe Alexander has not improved much over last season’s poor rookie performance in Milwaukee.  It looks like he will never cut it at the NBA level.

So maybe there was no “backstory” behind the Bucks refusal to tender him what is usually (for lottery picks) a rather pro forma extension offer.  Maybe the Bucks simply recognized he was never going to be a player.  If that’s the case, it looks like they were on the money.

But my question remains then, “Why couldn’t the Bucks see all that BEFORE they drafted him?”

Obviously, he was the same bad player before the draft as he has proven to be after the draft, and his statistics at West Virginia certainly didn’t mark him as a productive prospect.

So how did the Bucks not recognize that he was unworthy of a lottery pick?  Or maybe the question is, why on Earth did they think he was???

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