43 wins looks like high watermark for the Bucks

The Bucks are having an excellent season in light of preseason expectations.  At the moment they have 23 wins and are in the midst of a playoff battle with the Chicago Bulls, and possibly other teams that could slide back toward them.  As I constantly mention, they were expected to be the worst or second worst team in the Eastern Conference.  They most certainly won’t be that, so it looks like Andrew Bogut can cash in his awkwardly stated but ultimately prescient preseason “pretty much guarantee” (“I can pretty much guarantee we’ll overachieve on being last in the East“).

But just how successful can this season be for the Green and Cardinal?

I just did a “That’s a Win… That’s a Loss” evaluation of the Bucks remaining schedule, and I counted 20 conceivable wins.  That is a radically different outlook from the 34 win season I was talking about a month ago, but of course a lot has changed in a month’s time.

Will the Bucks get all of those wins?  Probably not.  But its not inconceivable.  They’ve been one of the more dependable teams in the NBA this season.  They rarely pull upsets and they rarely get upset.  To me that’s the mark of a well-coached team that gets the most out of its ability.  Hats off to Scott Skiles, the NBA’s unrecognized frontrunner for Coach of the Year.

In my eyes he’s done a phenomenal coaching job.


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