Quick Post: Where’s Bogut’s theme song?

Only have time for a very quick post this morning.   First off, for Wisconsin readers, travel safe today, we’re supposed to get some snow.

Second, the Bucks need to beat the Pistons tonight at home, and I’m reasonably confident they will.  The Bucks are a dependable team when it comes to beating teams they have the capacity to beat (I believe they win 85% of the time when they are the home favorite… statistically you really can’t do better).  If they do win, you will notice they sneak ever so close to the magical .5o0% mark.  Nice.

Third, some recent commenter ended their remarks with “Go Bogey” or something regarding Andrew Bogut.   I’ve always wondered why the Bucks courtside arena band (what are they called “The Oceans”??) don’t modify the old KC and the Sunshine Band disco hit “I’m your Boogie Man” into “I’m your Bogey Man” and make it Andrew Bogut’s theme song.  They could use the Rob Zombie version of the song as their template.  The lyrics are appropriate too, because Bogut certainly does “whatever he can” for the Milwaukee Bucks.

That’s a scary little insight into the random thoughts that pass through my brain.  Have a great one!  Be safe! Go Bucks!

PS:  Did you notice that, unlike my previous blogs, on this blog I’m making a concerted effort to answer every single comment?   My “Win Stats” in that category are fairly high!  Anyway, thanks for all the comments and I will continue to do my best!

One Response to “Quick Post: Where’s Bogut’s theme song?”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    good question, seeing as they play that little bullfighter ditty for Delfino, though to be fair, it seems he’s the only one that has theme music (unless you consider the ringing bell music), everybody else seems to get Squad 6 cheers or something (like how Stackhouse is getting the Jerry Springer chant).
    and how bout that foot of snow, eh.

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