Wow… terrible loss for the Bucks

No disrespect to the Pistons, but they are clearly struggling this season.  There is no way on Earth you can lose to them at home if you believe yourself to be a legitimate playoff team.  Yet the Bucks did lose to the Pistons.  Badly.

The Bucks have been pretty dependable this season, but every once in a while they put forward a real stinker.  That would be forgivable if the Bucks could once in a while even up the slate with an upset.  But they never seem to do that.  Thus the bad losses, such as this one and the two against the Washington Wizards, have the effect of permanently pushing down the Bucks expected win total.

I haven’t done an analysis yet, but its kind of obvious where the game was lost.  At the small forward.

The main reason the Bucks were playing better was the improved offensive performance of Carlos Delfino.  Tayshaun Prince and the rest of the Pistons shut that down, and Prince had an outstanding offensive game, which magnified the problem for the Bucks.

The Bucks were also decisively outplayed at backup power forward (actually it was more like backup center, but both teams manned the spot with natural power forwards).  Jason Maxiell bitchslapped the Bucks reserve frontline tandem of Ilyasova and Warrick.  Ilyasova in particular needs a wake up call.  This is about the fifth or sixth poor game in a row for him.  A month ago he was one of the Bucks bright lights.  He needs to get back to that level.

Brandon Jennings just cannot take 16 shots if he’s only going to make 5.  Yet he does it night in and night out.  Doesn’t he have a conscience?  How does he justify that kind of selfishness in his own mind?  “Gee, no one  else can miss quite as well as I do!”  I don’t get that kind of a mentality.  He’s just wasting possessions.

On the bright side, Bogut played well and so did Charlie Bell.  Moute was okay too I guess.  The rest of the team stunk.

Addendum:  Another player who has to refind his mojo is Luke Ridnour.  Tonight he played 14 minutes, and didn’t compile a single assist.  Part of the reason Skiles can’t really reign Jennings in is because he really has no viable alternative at the moment.

5 Responses to “Wow… terrible loss for the Bucks”

  1. Blake Says:

    Rumor is that the Bucks are talking with the Pacers for Troy Murphy for expirings. I hope we can bring him in.

  2. Ryan Says:

    I think I’d like that too, as long as it doesn’t mess with Luc’s minutes and development.

    Looking at Murphy’s career though, I’m trying to find the reasons why a guy who was a career 8 rpg is suddenly near the top of the league over the last year and a half. Because even with his decent scoring, the Pacers can send him somewhere else if his boarding might drop off with us.

  3. tywill33 Says:

    What????? That would be nice… if he plays like he played last season!! Or actually, how is he doing this season??

    And thanks for the tip. You just brightened up what was a shitty day!

  4. brgulker Says:

    Tayshuan is available, and so is Max — just incase that bitch slapping made a larger impact on you 😉

    • tywill33 Says:

      What is Dumars plan anyway?? First he says he’s trading productive players so he can make a run at LeBron, then he blows that cash… now he’s clearing the decks?

      Here in Milwaukee we have a DECIDEDLY better strategy… GM Hammonds has assured us he wants to win now but “not at any cost”. If you can’t go to battle behind that kind of sloganeering, part of you is dead!!

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