Bucks feast on the weak

Oh man, its nice to have New Jersey on the schedule four times, isn’t it?  The Bucks sure are fattening up on the helpless Nets.

But hey, that’s what you have to do.  I have no problem at all with that win strategy. 

Reviewing the breakdowns on Basketball-Reference.com, I see the Bucks have no wins against the NBA’s top tier teams, but they can claim a couple of midlevel scalps and they generally do very well against the bottom feeders like New Jersey, Minny, and Indiana. 

That might get them to the playoffs, which I’d really like to see.  I know the Bucks are a guaranteed first round “See ya!” but still, the lottery is an unfair joke and I don’t want to see Bango’s picture there anymore.  Besides, you can draft genuinely productive players in the middle of the draft.

Last night’s game

Are Milwaukee Bucks players reading Courtside Analyst?  Of course not, but I see (1) Brandon Jennings cut down his shot total (he still played like shit though) and; (2) Ersan Ilyasova and Luke Ridnour finally showed up again.  Those are two things (actually three) that I mentioned yesterday.

Luc Moute has really stepped his game up as well.  I’ll catch up with the Bucks Win Chart this weekend.  He should be back in the positives.

Murphy Rumor

Thanks to Josh for tipping me off about the Troy Murphy to the Bucks rumor that was floating around the Internet.  Let me say, if its legit I’m for it.

I generally try to leave the rumors and speculation to RealGM though, because I’ve been burned numerous times by completely unfounded rumors.  Actually, burned is the wrong word.  More like I’ve wasted time analyzing transactions that never occured, let’s say that. 

Besides, just skimming the threads, they do a pretty good job of breaking down the ins and outs at RealGM.

2 Responses to “Bucks feast on the weak”

  1. Blake Says:

    Who the heck is Josh? lol

    I tipped you off on the Troy Murphy rumors but it’s all good! 😛

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