What a deal for Portland

Some teams seem to get it.  Others do not.  The Portland Trailblazers seem to be one of the ones that do.

Let’s leave aside the fact that I’m absolutely sick of these ridiculous salary motivated trades.  From a basketball standpoint, Portland’s move to acquire Marcus Camby from the Los Angeles Clippers for basically nothing (Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, and whatever money they had in their pocket) was a brilliant move that shored up their one glaring weakness and returned them to the “dangerous” status as a postseason opponent.

For most of his career, Marcus Camby has been a grossly undervalued asset, mainly because he’s a “dirty jobs” player, not a scorer (in fact, he cannot score at all, shooting a ridiculously low eFG% for an interior player).  Because of that, those within the pro basketball community tend to miss his win impact.    

This season Camby’s MWS48 is near the top of the NBA at +5.03, and he has a corresponding Player Win Average of 1.357%.    As a result, I credit him with producing 9.0 of the Clippers wins and (-2.4) of the Clippers losses.  All of that leads to a Win Contribution Index that is a borderline MVP number of +0.628.

By contrast Blake and Outlaw are basically servicable players.  My hunch is the Clippers aren’t even interested in either one.  They only sought to dump Camby’s salary, so they gave him away.

Good score for Rip City.  Why can’t the Bucks ever pull off one of these deals?

5 Responses to “What a deal for Portland”

  1. Palamida Says:

    Sterling move is just shameful. Lots going on atm, but I thought you’d be the most interested in this one: Kurt Thomas and Elson for Salmons being reported as basically a done deal.

  2. Blake Says:

    Salmons is a Buck!

  3. TC from Racine Says:

    Salmons…he’s still alive?
    I kid, but seriously, count me among the underwhelmed here. Though Elson being useless somewhere else counts as semi-good news.

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