What am I missing with this Salmons trade?

Is this John Salmons for Kurt Thomas and Fran Elson trade supposed to be an improvement for either Chicago or Milwaukee?  Because its not.

Here’s my analysis:  Salmons is subpar, Thomas is shot, and Elson is one of the worst players in the NBA.

Update:  On Chicago’s side it was a pure salary move.  But the Bucks actually think they’re getting better.  The Journal-Sentinel says “Salmons played a huge role” in getting the Bulls to the playoffs last season.  That’s not what my numbers indicate.

I have Salmons recording pretty consistently below average win numbers everywhere he’s played.   Two seasons ago with the Kings his MWS48 was +o.40, which is actually pretty good.  But then last season with the Kings it was -1.12, and only a little better when he moved to the Bulls at -0.77.   This season I just calculated him at -0.27.

Actually, if he can play shooting guard, he might be an upgrade.   Ok, I guess its not a terrible move.  Now the title to the post and the first part make no sense, but who cares?

The only other concern is now we have to play either Ilyasova or Gadzuric at backup center.   Lets hope or both do better than they have done in that capacity.

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