What the crap was that, Bango?

Among casual Bucks fans there is the perception that the Bucks are struggling.  Its not really true, but it nevertheless lingers for two reasons.

One, they can’t seem to beat anyone decent.  They beat Denver early on.  They beat Portland in Milwaukee.  They beat Oklahoma City.  I guess you can count Miami, though they’re borderline.  Other than that, I can’t think of any big wins the Bucks can claim.  They’re 18-10 against the NBA’s bottom half and 6-18 against the NBA’s top half.

Two, they keep periodically getting snotbubbled.  San Antonio twice, Orlando twice, Utah, the Lakers, Portland once, Cleveland a couple of times, and now you can add last night’s home dressdown by the Rockets.  Not good.  I don’t mind getting beat by those teams, but if  the Bucks are really a playoff team they have to keep a lot of those games a lot closer.

Of course, they might not be  a playoff  team.  They don’t look better than the Bulls.  Chicago simply looks and performs  like the better team and the one more worthy of the postseason.  And the new playoff odds reflect this.

Over the last two days the Bucks playoff probability has gone from 66% to 45% while Chicago’s has lept from 50% to 77%.  Based on the way the Bucks performed against Houston, that seems about right.

Footnote:  Someone wondered why it was that Miami was projected as a lock for the playoffs.  I wondered that myself.  The reason is obvious, had I thought about it.  They have an incredibly favorable second half schedule.


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