Bucks now punching above their weight class

What a great game last night!  At home the Atlanta Hawks are a legitimate NBA heavyweight, and the Bucks had them wobbled and on the ropes.  Unfortunately, they could not apply the coup de grace, and thus their six game win streak came to an end.

John Salmons had, unquestionably, his best game in a Milwaukee Bucks uniform.  He was beyond terrific, posting a Win Score per 48 of 15.5. 

On the other end of the stick, Luc Moute’s streak of great games came to an ignominious end.  Did he have something else on his mind?  He fumbled passes that would have led to sure baskets, and did not get on the boards at all.  He played most of the game like a man who was otherwise preoccupied.

The Bucks defense is driving the train right now.  It was tremendous again last night.  That’s a great sign going into the playoffs. 

I have a lot of back games to do to update the Bucks Win Chart, and I intend to do them some time today.

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