The Fish that saved Milwaukee

When you are writing these blogs, you have to analyze things according to the evidence you are presented with at the time you are writing.  Thus, last week I wrote a post that more or less said that John Salmons wasn’t really doing that much for the Bucks. 

If you read that post 24 hours after I wrote it, you were probably like “what the hell?”, and for good reason. 

Immediately after I wrote the piece, Salmons exploded.  Over the weekend his Raw Marginal Win Score was an amazing +25.0.  He nearly single-handedly won the Atlanta Hawks game for the Bucks.  He was super.

Most of the Bucks have been playing quite well, actually.  Last night I updated the Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart.  Brandon Jennings is up (more on him next post), Jerry Stackhouse is up, Carlos Delfino is up… generally everyone is up.  And, Charlie Bell is — finally — sitting down.  Possibly the team’s largest “loss contributor” in their history (due to circumstances) is finally on the pines.

But give respect to Mr. Bell.  He plays hard.  You just cannot have him in your lineup full time and expect to win — no matter what “Adjusted +/-” says.


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