And the Lord said you gotta rise up!

Hide your women and children!  That’s my nephew, the Cman, (a/k/a “The 21st Century Damon Bailey”) rising high and throwing down hard on First Avenue at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis following the Timberwolves narrow loss to Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder on February 21st.  (I love his follow-through motion.  It looks like he’s (a) blessing the hoop; (b) paying homage to the greatness of the NBA; or, (c) performing an exorcism to try to finally rid the Timberwolves franchise of the Ghosts of Christian Laettner and Latrell “I gotta feed my family” Sprewell)

As I’ve mentioned in several previous posts, the Cman is a Twolves fanatic.  He got that Kevin Love jersey for Christmas and I can’t confirm he’s taken it off since (Oh, and don’t tease him about the two beatdowns the Bucks delivered to his boys… he denies they even happened.  I asked him what he thought about the crushing defeats and he informed me “No, Dy… no… ahhh, I don’t  tink they even prayed”).

He rules.  He’s a tough son-of-a-gunderson, too, as they say in Minnesota.  One time  I was playing with him on one of those tyke hoops and the little Nike basketball we were using bounced up and caught the poor guy square in the nose.  So I go to over to check him out and I see he’s fighting with all his might not to cry.  I bent over and asked “Cman, you all right?”  And he wanted none of that shit! He actually motioned me to get the hell away from him, and he told me in no uncertain terms,  “No, Dy! Das wat bass-a-ball prayers doooo!”, which translated means roughly “Ty, there’s no room for crying or pampering in the great American game”.

Never been prouder.  Shows he already knows the difference between being “hurt” and being “injured”.

All I know is Draftexpress better update their “4 Year Old Kindergarten Prospects” page pretty quick ’cause he’s a comin’ (that page, by the way, was formerly known as the “Nursery School Prospects” page… when did the name Nursery School become passe anyway?)

3 Responses to “And the Lord said you gotta rise up!”

  1. c Says:

    looks like another sell-out at the target center

    • tywill33 Says:

      I know… my brother said this was taken AFTER the game. I said, “How long did you have to wait to get on the court?” He said “Not long”. I said “How are the stands so empty?” He said “There weren’t that many people to begin with”.

    • tywill33 Says:

      stupid num!! I just saw that was your email address!! Now my response looks idiotic!


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