Delfino’s Masterpiece vs. Jennings’ Disasterpiece

You want a stark comparison of Winning Basketball vs. Losing Basketball?  I’ve got one for you.

I just finished doing the reverse boxscore MWS48 for the Bucks last game versus the Wizards.  Carlos Delfino produced an ungodly raw Marginal Win Score of +20.5.  Brandon Jennings produced a pretty bad raw Marginal Win Score of -8.0.  Lets look at how each did put his piece together.

Delfino’s stat line is a thing of beauty.  He produced 13 points in exchange for only 9 possessions.  That’s +4.0.  Then he was all over the glass, getting the basketball for the Bucks 11 times.  That’s +11.0.  Then he helped out on 3 scores.  That’s +1.5.  And he only lost the basketball once, for a grand total of +15.5. 

Then you look at the Wizards who played small forward opposite Delfino.  They were completely inefficient, producing a combined Win Score of -4.5 while Delfino was on the court.  We add that to his total to get his spectacular (in terms of helping the Bucks win) game — a raw Marginal Win Score of +20.0.

Now Jennings.  He produced one of the ugliest stat lines in recent memory.  Jennings used up 12 Bucks possessions trying to score the basketball, but produced only 5 points.  That’s like giving your roommate $40.00 to go on a beer run and he comes back with one shorty.

Now, he did get on the boards, producing 6 rebounds, he got a couple of steals, and he had 5 assists.  He’s good in these areas, but not good enough to make up for his horrible shooting.  (the essence of a few posts back)

The real killer, though, was his ridiculous 6 turnovers.  Ugh.  He had more turnovers than assists!  All in all, Jennings was a sickly -4.0 Win Score.

Then, Washington’s point guards had an almost dead average production night against him, producing a +4.0.  Put it together and Jennings had a terrible night, producing a (-8.0) raw Marginal Win Score in 31 minutes of action.

The bottom line is one guy really helped out the Bucks cause, and one guy kinda killed them.

4 Responses to “Delfino’s Masterpiece vs. Jennings’ Disasterpiece”

  1. Blake Says:

    I’m getting really sick of Brandon’s shooting, he shoots under 40% every night practically. And I have the feeling that it’s not going to end until Skiles just puts his ass on the bench.

  2. Blake Says:

    Jennings just said he sucked and would stop shooting on twitter today. hahaha

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