The Brown Hornet and the Bullfighter

Last night Bucks PG Brandon Jennings had one of the sweetest defensive sequences I’ve ever seen.  He was covering Cleveland PG Mo Williams around the top of the key, and Williams was trying desperately to shake him, but he simply couldn’t.

Its hard to describe the extraordinary quickness Jennings displayed, but I will try to do so by analogy.

If you’ve ever been in Wisconsin in August, you know we have hornets, which some people generically refer to as “bees” (I think they’re actually called “yellowjackets”).  If you get one on you, they’re impossible to shake.  You dart this way and that way and the damn thing is still there.

That’s  Brandon Jennings on defense.  You try every evasive maneuver under the sun and you just can’t shake him.  He’s like a hornet on defense… the Brown Hornet (with Comanche War Paint in his hair — what was that all about?).  His defensive quickness must be incredibly disconcerting to opposing guards.

What was Delfino yelling?

Carlos Delfino is rapidly emerging as John Hammond’s signature acquisition.  He’s been awesome, especially in calendar year 2010.

He is a bit slow footed, but he’s a great 3 point shooter, and possibly the best rebounding small forward this side of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Last night he banged home a big 3 pointer, the PA played the bullfighter music, and Delfino ran down the court shaking his head side to side, apparently yelling something.

I’d love to know what he was saying and whether he was saying it in Spanish or English.

Jamison clowns me… to an extent

Yesterday I submitted a guest post to HardcourtMayhem basically contending that Cleveland’s Antawn Jamison is washed up.  Not five hours later, Jamison goes out and has a monster game against the Bucks.

Yeah, I feel a little clowned, but one game does not a reverse trend make.  Jamison’s body of work with Cleveland, and over the past two seasons with Washington, show a clear downward trend in his production.

So despite last night’s spectacular performance, I stand firmly by my contention that Cleveland had a good thing going and adding Jamison is more likely to fuck it up than it is to make it better.


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