Basketball’s Star Trek convention

Have you heard about this Association of Pro Basketball Research convention (I guess, to be more specific, it was some kind of general sports statistical analysis convention)  that was just held in Boston? 

Good Lord, you cannot be serious.  Ahh…  dorky!  It makes me want to stop utilizing statistics all together.  Suddenly, I feel like doing so lumps me in with the silver insignia crowd.

But how do you analyze basketball correctly without using statistics?  Its hard to do.  If you’re going to offer solid observations, they have to be based on the best evidence available.  And in sports, the best evidence available are the statistics gathered.

So I guess I have to say “Live long and prosper”.

Anyways, I’m excited about tonight’s Bucks-Celtics game in Milwaukee.  It should go a long way toward showing us where the Bucks truly are at the moment.

3 Responses to “Basketball’s Star Trek convention”

  1. Moin Says:

    Nothing wrong with being statistical minded and liking sports and being dorky all at the same time.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I didn’t express myself very well in that post.

      What gets me is not the use of statistics or mathematics, or calculators, or whatever. That’s obviously necessary.

      What gets me is the sense of self-importance that the whole thing suddenly has.

  2. Alvy Says:

    Stats are great but they still have that gently implied subjectivity when it comes to basketball.

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