Quietly, Jennings playing well again

Brandon Jennings is playing some very nice basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks.  If you leave out the Boston game, where Rajon Rondo ate him up, he’s had a superb month.  His Marginal Win Score is on the verge of going positive, which I didn’t think was possible about a month ago.

He continues to play excellent defense (for which he gets ZERO credit) and since Salmons arrived he’s pulled back on some of his stupider shot attempts.

The Indiana game provides an excellent example.  Most would look at Jennings Sunday matinee 8 point, 8 assist, 5 rebound game as a pretty humdrum effort.  Actually it wasn’t.  According to me, it was the best effort of any Milwaukee Buck player.

First off, with Jennings on the floor, the Indiana point guards were not very efficient at all, recording one net WS point during Jennings 28.5 minutes of action.  Pretty solid “harassment”, if you will, of the opposition.

Now look at Jennings own production.  He recorded 20 let’s call them “positives” — 8 points (+8), 3 steals (+3), 5 rebounds (+5), and 8 assists (+4).  At the same time, he tallied only 10.5 “negatives” — 7 field goal attempts (-7), 1 free throw attempt (-0.5), 2 turnovers (-2), and 2 personal fouls (-1).

All in all then, the young Buck went “Bango” (as Ted Davis says) to the tune of +9.5 net “positive” stats, or what are called Win Score points, which means his Marginal Win Score was +8.5, which is very, very good.  And on Sunday it was the best of any Bucks player.

This is good news because if the Bucks play the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, Jennings will have to at least blunt the production of Rajon Rondo.  There is little chance he will be able to best Rondo, at least not consistently, because Rondo is the most productive point guard in the NBA.  But he will need to at least blunt his marginal advantage if the Bucks are to advance.  And, to that end, its good to see him putting together some efficient performances of late.  He can’t be going 7-for-30, or whatever he was shooting pre-Salmons, against a player like Rondo, or the Bucks haven’t a chance.


7 Responses to “Quietly, Jennings playing well again”

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    […] Courtside Analyst has their thought on Bucks Rookie Brandon Jennings playing well again […]

  2. Palamida Says:

    Ty, What are your thoughts on former Grizzly Alexander Johnson?
    He looks great in the D-league atm (albeit in 5 games):
    32 Mpg, 23 PPG on 54.5 FG% and 75 FT%, 11.9 REBS, 1.6 BLK, 0.6 STL, 1.6 AST on 4 TO’s and 3 PF.
    other than the AST\To ratio it’s a nice line.
    I have no idea how the D-league numbers translate to the NBA but presumably the correlation is strong.
    The reason I’m bringing him up is that he seems to be going ur way :p
    I know u don’t like to analyze moves before they actually happen but still:
    What direct and indirect effect you foresee for this specific D-leaguer as a Buck?

  3. dberri Says:

    Hi Ty,
    I have a quick question but I lost your e-mail address. Can you send me a quick e-mail (berri@suu.edu)?

  4. Blake Says:

    From all the reports I’ve heard it looks like Alexander Johnson is going to be a Buck by the end of the week.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I watched him play on Spike. They play NBA D League Games on certain nights. That’s sort of a window into my social life lately too. I’m watching D League games on Spike.

  5. Palamida Says:

    I don’t have the numbers right now to support this but i’ll fire anyway:
    The bucks since the trade as you have rightfully noted are playing at an elite level. The Celtics on the other hand if you disregard their great start have played mediocre basketball and nothing more.
    It’s a stretch but can the Bucks actually take the 4th?
    The bucks are 5.5 games behind with 17 games left (16 for Bos).
    In two of those game they play each other. Let’s assume for this wild goose chase the Bucks are an Elite team Atm (say a 5-7 differential team).
    Let’s look at the other 14-15 games.
    Bucks gimme games: @ Sac, Phi, Lac, Njn – 4 total.
    Let’s mark all of these 4 as wins.
    Bucks as a slight to “medium” fav: @ Lac, Mia, Mem, Phx, @ Chi, @ Phi, and ATL twice. 8 games. let’s be extremely optimistic and mark 6 of those 8 as wins.
    Bucks as a slight to huge underdog: @ Denver, @ Cle, @ Cha.
    in the spirit of this “what if” experiment, let’s give the Bucks a win out of those 3; So disregarding the Boston games the Bucks pick up 11 more wins.

    Now to Boston:
    Let’s assume that the Boston we’re going to see through the stretch is basically a 0.500 team or slightly better.
    Gimme: Nyk (Home and Away), Was, Sac. – 4.
    Let’s play what if again and say they drop one of these.
    even games to Med Fav: Hou, Okc, SaS, @ Tor, @ Chi. let’s say they pick up 2-3 wins here.
    Underdogs: @ Hou, @ Dal, @ Utah, Den, Cle. Let’s be blatant and say they only win one of these meetings; We have here 7-8 additional wins.
    If it’s indeed 7, the Celts would have 49 wins to the Bucks 47.
    If the Bucks can win both H2h matches they will Tie and have the Tie breaker.
    A long Shot? it sure is. I just played a Little “what if” game whereas I heavily “favored” the Bucks.
    I guess all i’m trying to say is that if the Bucks Post the trade Numbers are real and The Celtics are in fact the team that played most of this season as opposed to the team that started it. There’s a Chance albeit a small one that the Bucks will in fact clinch the 4th seed and with HC adv. will have a decent shot at advancing past the first round.

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