Courtside Analyst guarantee: Sienna over Purdue

If you are filling out your brackets and looking for “upsets” I’ve got an obvious one for you:  Sienna should crush Purdue.

Purdue without their star player has looked terrible. (what was his name, Hamel? UPDATE:  Actually, his name is Hummel.  And, looking at’s “Usage” stats for Purdue, it makes sense that they are weaker without him.  Scroll down the page and check out his outstanding WS40)  I watched them barely defeat a very weak Penn State team recently. 

Plus, according to Harvard Sports, Sienna has the ingredients necessary to pull off an upset.  So, as I said, you can bet the farm that around 30% of the outcomes will feature “upsets” and if you’re looking for one, I’d take that one in a heartbeat.


2 Responses to “Courtside Analyst guarantee: Sienna over Purdue”

  1. BadgerBucco Says:


    Hummel will be greatly missed. On a per-possession basis, Hummel was the second best player in the Big Ten this season. I suspect that his loss will mean a change to the Pomeroy expected margin of victory (71-65) of around 5 points. That would put the teams on about equal footing.

    The player above Hummel on my list is not Evan Turner, as you may suspect. It is actually Jon Leuer. Turner is a close 3rd.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Great work!

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