Embarrassing effort by the Bucks

Are you kidding me?

After a weak performance at home in a win against Indiana,  the Bucks turned in a dreadful performance on the road against the worthless Los Angeles Clippers.  I thought this was supposed to be a serious playoff team.

Lets review the facts.  The Clippers are 25-43 and had lost eight in a row at tip-off, and Basketball-Reference’s Simple Rating System has them rated as the third worst team in the NBA (so does the Basketball Geek’s Power Rankings).

Yet they walked all over the Bucks last night.  The Bucks vaunted defense was non-existent.  The Bucks allowed a Clipper offense ranked 26th in adjusted offensive efficiency by the Geek to shoot an eFG% of 57.8%, over nine percentage points higher than they usually shoot at home.

There are indications the Bucks lacked competitive ambition.  The Clippers were able to move the ball at will.  The Clippers recorded 25 assists on 34 made baskets, a 73.5% clip, well above the NBA average of  56.6%.  No ball pressure.  And the Bucks were outshot at the line by 20.  No one but Salmons was attacking the hoop.

I could go on with more negative points, but why?  The Bucks took a crap, plain and simple, and now they have to regroup.  One thing that could help that regrouping effort would be getting Charlie Bell back out of the rotation and on the bench where he belongs.  To accomplish that the team has to get Carlos Delfino back from the ankle injury that held him out last night.

Anyway, below are the Raw Marginal Win Scores from last night’s game.  Only 3 players had positive efforts and one of them was reserve G Royal Ivey, who put up a pretty good account of himself (technically four had positive nights.  I left out Primo Brezec’s spectacular garbage truck performance in the last minute of the game).

The numbers  show that the Bucks absolutely stunk at power forward. Luc Moute continued his relative decline from his tremendous February performance.  Also not helping was John Salmons, the fill-in small forward, delivering a throwback-to-Richard-Jefferson performance, concentrating almost his efforts almost exclusively on scoring.

Despite manning a frontline position the entire game, Salmons somehow delivered zero rebounds.   Add that to his three turnovers, and his 20 point box score performance didn’t actually amount to much.  His defense was below par as well.

The worst performance of the night by far was turned in by Jerry Stackhouse.  He racked up a Raw MWS of (-6.0) in only 12 minutes.  That hurts the cause.

Raw MWS and Raw MWS/min from Bucks vs. Clippers

1. Andrew Bogut (+6.0) (+.148)

2. Brandon Jennings (+2.5) (+.070)

3.  Royal Ivey (+3.0) (+.222)

4. Kurt Thomas (-2.0) (-.307)

5. John Salmons (-4.0) (-.098)

6. Charlie Bell (-4.0) (-.170)

7. Luke Ridnour (-4.0) (-.190)

8.  Jerry Stackhouse (-6.0) (-.500)

9. Luc Moute (-7.5) (-.277)

10. Ersan Ilyasova (-7.5) (-.417)

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