Guarantee? Ooops…

I should have listened to BadgerBucco!!  If you want solid college ball analysis, that’s the place to go.  He said the Purdue-Sienna game was a coin flip, not a guaranteed upset.  He was right.

I was going on the Harvard blogs assessment that Sienna was a great upset pick, and my own fairly unreliable one game scouting report on Purdue.

Oh, and I think I had a brutal day today.  I’ve only had a chance to peak at the results, but what I’ve seen hasn’t been good.  If Dick Vitale jumped ahead of me in pick accuracy, you know I had a bad, bad day.

Why did I pick the Golden Losers???  The biggest underperforming team in the country?  As I say, that is the hazard of trying to forecast upsets.  You have nothing to go on but a hunch and a lame theory.


2 Responses to “Guarantee? Ooops…”

  1. Blake Says:

    The Bucks comeback win tonight has eased the pain from failing with my bracket. And Kings fans whining about Jennings and his FG% is just icing on the cake.

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