Bucks fans, who do you want: Atlanta or Boston?

Sorry I haven’t been able to post, and I’m 4 games behind on the Bucks Win Chart.  Ironic.  I wrote so many posts that no one but the hard core cared to read, and now when interest is at a peak, I have no time to write.  I’m like the Charlie Brown of NBA blogs.

Anyway, I was curious whom the masses of Antlerheads would prefer to take on in what should be an EPIC first round playoff series:


I think I’d prefer the Celtics, only because of the history of the playoff series between the two teams.  The 74 Finals, the First Celtic Sweep, the painful Eastern Conference Championship loss… so much great history. 

And I think the Bucks can take the Celtics.  But its probably a horse a piece.

What’s your take?

9 Responses to “Bucks fans, who do you want: Atlanta or Boston?”

  1. Blake Says:

    I would take the Hawks, personally. I don’t think anyone on our team would match up with KG very well. Plus the Celtics have the experience, I just don’t see them getting ousted in the 1st round.

    We brought the Hawks to overtime in their own building, lost by 4. I think if we could steal one game on the road while in the playoffs we could win the series. Mbah a Moute and Salmons could do work on JJ defensively. Bogut has the 2nd highest FG% against the Hawks in the NBA, and if The Rooster (Brandon) can actually play some ball vs Bibby I think we’ll have a decent shot.

    The only player that scares me besides Joe Johnson is Bibby and how he’s been able to take Jennings completely out of the game. I don’t want Ridnour starting for us in the first round of the playoffs no matter what. I think Crawford’s 20-something points was a fluke last night, not worried about him.

    And by the way, if we play the Celts in the first round; Rondo will mop the court with Jennings…

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Hey, to the best of your memory, can you give me the defensive matchups from last night.

    Not at the 1 or 5, mostly 2, 3, 4. I couldn’t see the game! I heard the Ted Davis call of the last minute on the way home last night! Exciting stuff, the crowd seemed into it… finally!!!

    • Blake Says:

      Salmons and Luc Richard were on Johnson for most of the night.
      Delfino was playing against Marvin
      And from what I remember Skiles was playing Ilyasova on Josh Smith, but he probably got Mbah a Moute in there at some points too.

  3. Abe Says:

    I want the C’s. When the Hawks and Bucks match starter for starter, Luc Richard sits in the paint on offense, which means that Josh Smith can simply sit in the paint and block or alter Bogut’s shots. Horford can neutralize Bogut. Against the C’s, Bogut destroys Perkins, Moute can hold his own against Garnett, and our bench is MUCH deeper than the C’s, not so true with the Hawks. The only problem with the C’s is that Rondo is so good, and to make matters worse has brutalized Jennings in the meetings thus far. Only caveat is can you imagine Donanahey type rigging that would go into a Milwaukee/Boston series? Not so much with the Hawks right?

  4. TC from Racine Says:

    It’s gonna be tough either way, and if we get the Celtics, I can’t see Rivers letting Bogut destroy Perkins for a whole series. then again, I can’t envision Skiles letting Joe Johnson just make 90% of his shots (or at least it’s seemed like it) for the whole series either if we end up facing the Hawks. Right now I’d rather face Boston, but I very well may be thinking differently later on. It’s a tossup.

  5. brgulker Says:

    As an outside observer, it would seem to me that your best matchup is the aging C’s.

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