…and a haughty spirit before a fall

Never fails.  Never fails.

I write a slightly over the top post about how well the Bucks are doing and they turn in a royal stinker.

Man, no one played well for Milwaukee on Wednesday night against Philadelphia, and the Bucks normally stout defense basically phoned in sick. (did you see on Yahoo Sports, Jerry Stackhouse’s 3-for-13 performance qualified as the team’s best performance?!!)

And, hey, what’s the matter with Bogut?  He’s strung together a series of awful games now.  Just really bad showings.  Should I be concerned?  The Bucks can win sometimes without him, but not consistently.

How about the  Bucks 3 point shooting… 5 for 28!!  Clunk..clunk…clunk.  I remember I went to a  Timberwolves game last year and I got lost in the parking lot next to their new Target Field.  The night crew was working with some kind of gigantic hammer or something and the sound was almost unbearable.  It must have sounded like that inside the Bradley Center.

Oh, Tim Legler said on ESPN’s NBA Fastbreak, the radio version, that the Bucks getting to the second round of the playoffs is “fiction”.  He cited their inexperience, particularly at point guard.

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