On further review

On further review, I thought about it, and I’m going to hold off writing posts centered around some of the discussions in the new book Stumbling on Wins

Its hard enough protecting intellectual property, without having some knucklehead divulging all your work on his two bit basketball blog.  And there will be time enough to discuss some of the more provocative issues after the first hardcover run has had some time to breath.

And no, this wasn’t some elaborate teaser for the book ; )

Oh, but I will be giving away the extras.  I just haven’t figured out how.  One goes to BRGulker for sure, unless he’s got one already, and then I suppose I’ll have to craft some kind of contest.

Okay, here it is… I’m asking you to submit fifty word essays describing why this blog –at least occasionally– makes your top 200 blogs.  The best six essays get books while seventh place wins a night on the town with the Bucks Big Hair Energee Dancers.  

Pimpin’ aint easy.  I’ll think of something for real.

9 Responses to “On further review”

  1. brgulker Says:

    You sir, are amazing. I don’t have one yet …

  2. Phillip Barnett Says:

    Yo, check out our post on John Salmons, share with your readers! Thanks:


    -P. Barnett, @imsohideous

  3. Healthcare Economist Says:

    It’s difficult to be both a homer and objective but the Courtside Analyst blog manages to do just that. I like that you produce objective-sabremetric style data, but aren’t afraid to go nuts when the Bucks do well (see your recent “WHAT A WIN!!” post). Am I just writing these compliments now to get a free book? Of course! But I have mentioned in the past what a great blog you have (see: https://courtsideanalyst.wordpress.com/2010/02/06/bucks-surprising-offense/)

  4. Abe Says:

    As disjointed as your address has been through the years, it is worth having as my Bookmark Toolbar’s Bucks’ Blog. The sabermetric movement in baseball has lead to me striving for similar knowledge in all aspects of life, and you do the objectifying for me, doing it all for the home-town Bucks.

  5. Scott Says:

    Ty, as a transplanted Bucks fan who barely gets to see them play, yours is the site I go to to read the real “why” behind if the Bucks are winning or losing. As someone with an analytical mind, I love your methods and truly appreciate the time you put into both your charts and statistical/eyewitness analyses of the Bucks play. I especially love how you have been able to factor defense (in the way of opponent production) into your Marginal Win Score calculations. It makes complete sense and is a great tool that I think will catch on nationwide someday. Thanks again for all that you do!

    • tywill33 Says:

      Thanks pal! I do my best for Antlerheads… I wanted this to be a general basketball site, but time and events turned it into something closer to Bucks Diary Mark II, with a little general basketball on the side.

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