The Relative Value of Andrew Bogut

The Bucks have had a couple of “correction” games in a row now.  That’s a euphemism for “shitty performances”.

But tonight’s performance made a point I tried to make last summer.

When I was listing the Top Ten contracts I wouldn’t want to have,  due to either length or overbloated price, I didn’t list Andrew Bogut.  Predictably I got jumped for it.

But I was right.  Above average centers are hard to come by.  Most every team, save for Orlando, Los Angeles, and maybe Cleveland and Dallas, are hurting big time if  they have to play centers number two and three in the one and two slots.

The Bucks are no different.  If you remember a post I did on the version of Bucks Diary (its gone, but its my fault not MVN’s), I showed what is obvious.  Unlike any of  the other four positions, the dropoff at center from above average to below average is extremely large.  There just aren’t that many really tall people who can play basketball at an NBA level.  That’s not an original observation by any means.

And tonight showed the relative value of Andrew Bogut.  Because of the enormous talent gulf at the center position, if Andrew Bogut merely plays to his new norm (just below top tier) then what appears to be a slightly expensive long term contract will actually be a huge economic bargain.

3 Responses to “The Relative Value of Andrew Bogut”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    Bogut’s sore back + Ersan calling in sick + Delfino leaving the BC on a stretcher + enough bricks for one end of a new arena + simultaneous Danny G and Royal Ivey sightings = one shitty night. Nothing says it’s garbage time like Ivey hoisting a brick as soon as he touches the ball. I’d like to say something good about this game, but it’s impossible…can’t even really whine about the crap officiating because it wouldn’t have mattered, really.

  2. Colin Says:

    I’ve never seen so many missed 0-footers in my life. Most were Gadzuric so I guess that can be expected, but Mbah a Moute had a pretty awful night offensively in what could have been one of his better performances of the season. 8 offensive rebounds, but 2-12 shooting? Ouch.

    I wonder if Bogut was held out of the lineup just to give him a rest? If so, I hope it pays off, but crappy Bogut is still better than Gadz or the human three-second violation.

    • TC from Racine Says:

      truth. Primoz seems like one of those guys who’s only in the NBA becasue he’s very tall. it’s practically 4 on 5 when he’s out there.

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